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Barnes and Noble Announces Electronic Bookstore

Barnes and Noble Inc. yesterday announced plans to launch an ebookstore with over 700,000 titles, each viewable on an array of different devices. In addition, the company is also updating its ereader application and partnering with Plastic Logic to become the official ebookstore for its soon to be released eReader. B&N will offer readers a significant amount of new releases and best sellers at $9.99 and the company expects the library to grow to more than one million books in less than a year.

It seems only fitting that the world's largest bookstore also boasts the world's largest electronic selection, but what we love is that this library isn't just exclusive to Plastic Logic's upcoming eReader. The fact that these books can be read on a number of different devices from desktops and cell phones (including BlackBerrys and iPhones) to laptops, ereaders, netbooks and iPods is a real selling point for us. Not to mention B&N is offering half-a-million public domain titles provided by Google.

  • HolyCrusader
    This certainly is worth taking a closer look into. Even if it's only half as good as it says it is - it'll be considerably better than the proprietary and overly-expensive put-out by Sony and Amazon.
  • Parrdacc
    The more the merrier.
  • ckthecerealkiller
    Glad to hear it! Nice to see some companies accepting change instead of trying to reverse it. *cough* RIAA *cough* MPAA *cough* Sorry summer cold.
  • doc70
    now, we need a good reader that accepts all formats and we should be good to go....
  • wiyosaya
    I wonder whether it will have the super secret self-destruct the book feature when the publisher backs out of the deal that the Kindle has. It won't be complete without it. ;)