Bandage Concept Changes Colors for Wound Healing Updates

Created by a team of Chinese designers, AmoeBAND is an innovative band-aid concept that hopes to speed up the healing process as well as increase comfort levels. If you've ever tried placing a bandage on your finger, you probably know that it can be quite a hassle. AmoeBand corrects this problem with strategically placed cut-outs that allow the bandage to conform perfectly to a variety of different areas.In addition to freeing up movement and flexibility, AmoeBand comes in four different shades to better match your skintone. As comfortable as the bandages hope to be, they are also efficient as well. A built-in timer has an indicator on the bandage change colors, letting you know exactly when it is time to change the bandage.


AmoeBAND comes in matchbox-like containers that dispense bandages with a convenient push and are even labeled in Braille. The bandages are just concepts for now, but the design is a finalist for the 2012 IDEA Award, meaning something like this may just become a reality in the near future.

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