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Skyfire Racks In Nearly 1M on App Store

Tuesday Mountain View, Calif.-based Skyfire said that its mobile web browser saw over 300,000 downloads from the Apple App Store over the weekend, racking in at least $897,000 USD at $2.99 per download--before Apple's 30-percent cut. The news arrives just days after Skyfire yanked the browser from Apple's App Store due to high demand overloading the Skyfire servers.

The big deal with Skyfire is that it brings Flash video to Apple's iOS. As reported earlier this year, the Android version of Skyfire proved to work in most cases, sending the Flash video element out to its servers for transcoding and then piping the converted HTML5 video back to the device. When the browser discovered a Flash video it could convert, the Video section of the browser's Skybar prompted a pop-up window containing its built-in video player. If nothing appeared, then the conversion didn't work

When Skyfire brought the browser to the Apple App Store last week, the company had to pull the app five hours later. After our report, Skyfire CEO Jeffrey Glueck said that the app would be available again in first-come, first-serve batches. Tuesday's announcement said that this slow approach proved successful in meeting the demand "while ensuring a quality browsing experience."

Skyfire reports that the browser is now available for everyone in North America, and there are plans to add additional country support within the next few weeks. The Android version of Skyfire 2.0 has been available on the Android Market for quite some time, seeing over a million downloads since its debut and costing Android owners absolutely nothing.

Skyfire 2.0 for iPhone is available for $2.99 in the Apple App Store or at