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Android v3.0 Will Require 1 GHz Minimum

One of the drawbacks about getting a new phone is (1) a new version will hit the market in a matter of months and (2) firmware updates will eventually be too advanced for your new device. While many of us are anxiously awaiting the latest Android update to hit our smartphones, the big OS overhaul--v3.0 aka "Gingerbread"--looms in the not-too-far distance (Q4 '10). If its specs are indeed accurate, even the Motorola Droid will be obsolete.

Reports on Gingerbread's specs--yanked from a Russian podcast--indicate that Android 3.0 will be released sometime in mid-October, and the first handsets with Gingerbread will begin to ship in November and/or December (maybe that 2 GHz Motorola Android phone??). This will also mean that Android will officially take two paths: v3.0 for high-end phones and v2.1/v2.2 for mainstream phones.

As for the minimum hardware specs, Gingerbread will demand a 1 GHz CPU, 512 MB of RAM, and a 3.5-inch display or higher--devices with 4-inch screens or higher will have a new resolution of 1280 x 760. That's mighty impressive given that we're talking about phones, and not low-end PCs.

In addition to the specs, there was confirmation that Gingerbread will eliminate the need for using 3rd party User Interface shells. Recently we reported that Google's big focus with Gingerbread was to overhaul the user interface and to provide an iPhone-like feel. Killing off the need for MotoBlur and HTC Sense would be one of the end results.