American Airlines Updating New Planes to Suit Modern Age

Flying economy is undoubtedly one of the world's worst experiences and depending on your luck—borderline torture. Between crying children, uncomfortable seating, and terrible inflight entertainment, you begin to wonder why you voluntarily signed yourself up for this experience in the first place.

American Airlines is taking steps to take the technology on its planes out of the 60's… literally. The company recently announced that it would be equipping new planes with electrical outlets and Wi-Fi to be available to all U.S. customers. New in-flight entertainment centers will be made ubiquitous, no matter what class you're flying.

Apparently, AA will also be providing its staff with tablets and phablets. Pilots will be getting iPads and flight attendants, a little bit farther down the food chain, will be receiving Galaxy Notes. Apparently, AA's sudden mobile and tablet friendliness is meant to make its flight staff better able to assist customers… whatever that means.

While all these new amenities sound nice and dandy, don't be surprised if it'll somehow cost you extra. 


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  • bak0n
    It's o.k. I'm sure they will still come in last in every relevant consumer category after the changes.
  • house70
    I hope it's not the Dreamliner planes they're working on...
  • memadmax
    AA is a joke...