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Q4 Amazon Kindle Sales are in the Millions

The fourth quarter, that is October through December, represents a chance to shift more units than usual for most businesses. It's the holidays and people need to buy gifts. Oftentimes it's the already popular items that see their sales soar; rushed decisions are at an all time high so their 'gotta have it' factor is even higher than normal, and people often look to what's selling well when they're stuck for ideas.

This year, the Kindle is definitely one of those gotta-have-it items. Though Amazon won't say exactly how many ereaders it's sold, the company did say that sales figures for the fourth quarter are in the millions.  That's millions of units in the fourth quarter (which isn't even over) alone.

"Thanks to you, in just the first 73 days of this holiday quarter, we've already sold millions of our all-new Kindles with the latest E Ink Pearl display," reads a statement from the Kindle team. "In fact, in the last 73 days, readers have purchased more Kindles than we sold during all of 2009. We're grateful for and energized by the overwhelming customer response."

IntoMobile reports that Amazon's Kindle sales figure for the entirety of 2009 is rumored to be about 3.3 million. Amazon's CEO Jeff Bezos was the one talking about Kindle sales last year and he was equally vague about specific numbers, preferring instead to refer to it as both the 'top-selling item' and 'most gifted item' Amazon is selling.

Reasons for the increased sales could be the new design or the fact that the company dropped the price of the Kindle back in June. Analysts last year grew impatient with Amazon's refusal to discuss precise numbers and we wouldn't be surprised if they faced the same reaction this year.