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Next Amazon Tablet May Be Called Kindle Ice

As the Amazon Kindle Fire gets ready for a retail release by the end of the month, rumors are already spreading about the Kindle Fire's successor: a tablet Amazon is reportedly considering as its flagship device.

Very little is known about the unannounced tablet at this point, but rumors suggest it will be better equipped to take on Apple's iPad 2 featuring a 8.9-inch screen and Google's Android OS. It will also likely be called Kindle Ice based on the company's recent acquisition of, and similar domain names.

Fusible reports that numerous domain names were scooped up by Amazon before it announced the Kindle Fire tablet. But once the device became publicly known, Jeffrey Casserino of Syracuse, New York began registering domain names linked to Kindle including those using the word "ice."

But based on the WHOIS information for, Amazon gained control of Casserino's domains on Friday, November 4. There's also no indication of how the company retrieved the domains: was it by legal threat or did the online retailer fork out cash to Casserino?

Yet whether Amazon will call its next tablet Kindle Ice or some other Kindle derivative, the gadget is rumored to arrive in early 2012. Let's just hope Amazon doesn't use "Ice Ice Baby" to promote the tablet if it does indeed settle on "Kindle Ice."