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Amazon Panics and Slashes Price of the Kindle

It would seem Amazon was feeling a little threatened by Barnes and Noble's decision to cut the price of its ereader to $199, down from $249. Less than a day after the major book chain made its announcement, Amazon announced a Kindle price cut and shaved $70 off the previously $249 ereader. Now priced at $189, the Kindle is now the cheaper of the two.

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These are both pretty significant price drops and it look like the ereader market is finally moving toward a price point that better fits the function of the device. The gadget world is on the cusp of a tablet revolution and netbooks are getting cheaper every day; a $249 device to read books must seem like an unnecessary luxury for a lot of people these days.

Are you more likely to consider an ereader now that the prices have dropped?

  • unrealpinky
    No. I still prefer my novels on paper, but my netbook or android phone will do in a pinch.
  • bdcrlsn
    Actually, the WiFi-only Nook is $149, making it the cheapest.
  • David the Gnome
    I'd still rather have a tablet or netbook for the extra functionality. I doubt dedicated e-readers will stick around much longer past the rise of tablets into the mainstream.
  • geofry
    as soon as the readers are no more expensive than say twice the price of a hardback I, might be interested. As it is now forgetting a $200 item, plus all the books you've downloaded on accident in a public place seems a high price to pay.

  • halls
    Yeesh - I'll think about it when they're under $100 and the books are significantly cheaper than their print counterparts.
  • Nightsilver
    Hell. Yes. I knew there was a reason I was holding off buying a Kindle.
  • warezme
    one trick ponies never last the long haul
  • kittle
    now if they reduced the price TO $70, id get one. $189 is still too much.
  • joe gamer
    It is still horribly overpriced.
  • vertigo_2000
    I'm no mathematician, but $249 - $189 = $60.

    Why does the article say a $70 drop?