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Acer Comes ''alive'' with Next-Gen Storefront

Tuesday during Acer's press event in New York City, the company revealed its next-generation digital storefront, alive. The difference with this media distribution platform, according to the company, is that it interacts with the user in real-time. However the drawback is that alive is only available for Acer Group products.

"alive is personal," the company said. "Users can fine tune their preferences and leverage a sophisticated recommendation system that shows content relevant to them. Instead of surfing across a myriad of web sites and online services to get what they want, alive will help users by proposing what they might find relevant."

According to Acer, alive comprises of five key sections: Listen, Watch, Read, Play and Application. Content is managed through the use of Channels which features specific themes including music artists, movie genres, top games, book authors and more. Users can simply browse, select, subscribe and then follow their favorites.

Tuesday during the event Acer also presented a list of content providers for the new service including 7 Digital (MP3s), Acetrax (movies), Adnkronos (news), AudioGo (audio books), Audiotube and Muzu (music videos), Adobe inMarket (AIR apps), Intel AppUp and more.

"The unique alive interface will be pre-installed on all new devices or will be downloadable online by existing Acer Group customers and it will offer a unique user experience customized by device type," the company said. "Purchase of premium content or subscription to premium channels will be easy and in one-click. Users only need to create a unique account on alive and register their credit card details only once."

Acer plans to roll-out alive for selected users in the UK and Italy in December. The service will then begin to make its way across all Acer consumer devices worldwide in Q1 2011 including tablets, netbooks, notebooks and smartphones.