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AUDI's Carbon Ski Concept

The folks over at Designboom took a trip to AUDI's concept design factory in Munich to meet with the automaker's head of group design, Mark Shipard and designer Wolfgang Egger, for some insight for the company's latest project. In addition to rolling out some gorgeous new vehicles this year, the German automaker is planning on releasing an innovative new ski that embodies the company's sporty attitude.

The AUDI Carbon Ski features revolutionary technology that allows professional racers to speed down a mountain with an extremely light-weight yet durable ski. Equipped with a body made entirely of carbon, the AUDI Carbon Ski is in no way easy to shape and create. With a partnership spanning over 20 years with German ski association DSV, AUDI researchers and designers are able to combine the company's motorsports intelligence with the ski association's vast experience to create the perfect ski.

"We tried not to design just another ski," Egger explained. "But a really completely new and innovative piece of sports equipment. we started from the carbon technical point of view and found that there is still no ski produced using monocoque building principles."

For more information and photos from AUDI, head on over to Designboom's article linked above and check out their video below.