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Verizon: 4Chan Partly Blocked Because of Attack

Over the weekend 4Chan users claimed they had been blocked by Verizon. Founder Christopher Poole said he had received confirmation from the network that 4Chan had been "explicitly blocked," and encouraged affected users to call customer support.

Verizon has since released a statement explaining why the company felt the need to block 4Chan members; Big Red was just trying to protect the most important thing it offers: the network.

Verizon's Jim Gerace yesterday said that the company had not blocked 4Chan, rather it blocked one specific IP address associated with 4Chan.

"Recently, Verizon Wireless security and external experts detected attacks from an IP address associated with the 4Chan family of web sites that was disruptive to our customers and our network.  To protect both, we eliminated connectivity to the IP address.  At no time was 4Chan itself blocked. Ongoing network security team monitoring has now determined there is no longer an immediate threat. Connectivity to those sites is being restored later today."

Gerace went on to detail how attacks can slow down your network and said that it was "easy to complain about "blocking" when your wireless data connection is stable, fast and reliable."

Check out his full post here.