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The 3DS: 3D Gaming, 3D Camera and 3D Movies

After several game announcements and discussions about already annouced titles and Wii stats, the company finally unveiled the 3DS. Nintendo announced the 3DS a while back but gave very little information other than teasing that we wouldn't need glasses to get the full 3D effect. Today the company debuted the product and we finally got to lay eyes on the handheld we'd been speculating about.

It's blue and like all DSes, it packs two screens. However, unlike previous DSes, the screens are two different sizes. The slightly bigger (3.5-inch) widescreen on top is reserved for the 3D technology and is not touch sensitive. The arrow keys have been shifted down to make room for an analog stick, the "slide pad," which is actually quite flat, and there's three cameras, one on front and two on the back, one of which takes 3D pictures. One of the biggest surprises about the 3DS is that the device will play 3D Hollywood movies like How to Train Your Dragon.

Nintendo talked briefly about games and we're just a little bit excited about these titles: DJ Hero 3D, Madden, Saints Row, Professor Layton, Resident Evil, Assassin's Creen, Ridge Racer and METAL GEAR SOLID.

No word on pricing or release dates but we can only assume it'll be "in time for the holidays" at the very latest as it doesn't make sense to miss out on all the "I want" vibes that hit around Christmas time.