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Samsung Has Canceled This Absurd Foldable Smartphone

Samsung has been working on foldable smartphones for years. And now one of the concepts the company had considered appears to have been canceled.

Credit: MMDDJ

(Image credit: MMDDJ)

A device believed to be codenamed Project Valley that offered two screens and a foldable design has been canceled, according to a leak from Twitter user MMDDJ. In addition to the cancelation report, the Twitter user shared several images of the smartphone, showcasing what it would have been like if it hit store shelves. SamMobile earlier reported on the image leaks.

Note that this reportedly cancelled device is not the same thing as the foldable Galaxy X Samsung is working on and will likely debut in 2019.

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The device in the image has a hinge at the center that would allow you to fold the smartphone. There are two screens here, each with an extremely large bezel reminiscent of older smartphone devices. The screen on the right features all the additional components you'd expect from an older smartphone, including a now-dated physical home button and front camera. The left screen is there to add more display real estate.

In the images leaked online, the screens are being used in unison to increase the amount of space you can work on. In another image, however, the second screen was folded in and only the main display was in use.

Other pictures leaked online show a decidedly different design for each side. The area with the main screen is thick and notably bulkier than the smartphones you'd find on store shelves today. The other side appears to be only screen, which makes it much thinner. When the device is folded, however, it's extremely thick.

What we're seeing here is a device that likely would have been launched three years ago if it weren't canceled. So, while it looks out of place today in a world of giant screens, thin bezels, and thin smartphones, it might have fit in back then.

The latest reports suggest Samsung has shied away from a hinge design like this for the Galaxy X and will instead use a roll-out technology that will let you expand the size of the screen whenever you need real estate. 

Samsung, of course, hasn't confirmed what its Galaxy X design might look like.