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Why the Nokia 9 Pureview Could Be Best Camera Phone Yet

A new Nokia 9 Pureview rumor claims that the phone may use its unique five-sensor camera system to capture 10times more light than any other phone in the market. All thanks to technology from Light.

Credit: GizmoChina/OnLeaks

(Image credit: GizmoChina/OnLeaks)

Light is a Silicon Valley camera startup that wants to use multiple low-cost sensors to create cameras capable of competing with high-end DSLRs while adding features like an adjustable depth of field. But the company, which was rumored to be working on a smartphone of its own, got mixed reviews for its first product, a $1,650 L16 16-sensor camera.

The Nokia 9 Pureview's penta-camera is supposed to work like the L16, but with only five sensors. In fact, Light describes a setup similar to the Pureview on a web page that markets its multi-sensor technology to phone manufacturers.

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Light says that its smartphone camera setup "can combine and fuse 5, 10, or even 50 images," which is in line with the Nokia’s five sensors. "The pipeline is built to combine images from different perspectives, as well as different sensors, apertures, and focal lengths," which again describes something like we can see on the back of the Pureview phone.

Furthermore, the page references that its "Lux Capacitor and camera array works with the latest chipsets such as the Qualcomm 845," which is the rumored processor of the Nokia 9.

The company claims that this setup will give phone cameras extraordinary capabilities, such as  blur-free HDR with 13 stops or more, depth-of-field control with more than 1,000 layers, and digital zoom that lets users crop 12, 16 and even 20-megapixel details in a photo.

We'll have to wait a bit longer to learn if this is indeed what’s in the Nokia 9 and to see if it can deliver on its amazing promise. Rumors say the phone will be unveiled at Mobile World Congress, which starts Feb. 25 in Barcelona, Spain.