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Indivisible Is the Quirkiest RPG I've Ever Played

Los Angeles - 505 Games' latest title Indivisible, takes all the good things from some of my favorite gaming genres (RPGs, Action and Fighting) and creates an awesome gaming goulash. Created by LabZero, the team that made Skullgirls, a 2D-fighting game with a rabid cult following, Indivisible draws heavily from the stylistic brawler to make an action-RPG that's both compelling and beautiful. When it debuts (a launch date has yet to be announced) it will be available on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and PC.

Indivisible is the tale of a young girl named Ajna whose village was attacked. The resulting carnage activates a weird power that allows her to absorb certain people into her being. The new additions then come out to aid her in her quest to confront the warlord who destroyed her home. I went hands on with this quirky title during E3 and l'm definitely a believer in this new title.

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When you get Indivisible, I highly recommend that you take some time to stop and enjoy the artwork. Instead of relying on photorealism, Indivisible employs a cartoony anime style full of bright colors and zany action. As I made my way through an underground section, I had to stop and admire a large six-armed statue in the background set in peaceful repose. Even Anja and company's attacks are pretty, with one character using a mortar and pestle to grind enemies into submission while another created spiky marble pillars that erupted from the ground to strike foes.

So let's talk about the combat style. As Anja makes her way through the world, she'll encounter people that she can absorb that are called Incarnations. Once they've joined the team, your new team members can be mapped to one of the four face buttons. When a battle has been initiated, I just pressed the corresponding face button to use that character. At first, I was simply button mashing, but quickly learned pressing the face button in conjunction with the D-pad created different attacks -- just like in a fighting game. Learn the combos and you can unleash havoc on those who dare stand in your way.

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One part of the game I didn't get to see, but am really curious about is Anja's Inner Realm. When she enters a meditative state, she accesses another dimension growing inside of her that houses all of her Incarnations. As the game progresses, this is where our heroine will get weapons, quests and save her progress.

If you're interested in exploring this unique title, an early version of Indivisible is available as a free beta copy on PS4. Which should tide us over until the eventual release.