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Sling TV Premium Pass gives you a month of free Epix, Showtime, and Starz

Sling TV Premium Pass
(Image credit: Sling TV )

Tired of watching the same shows on Netflix? Sling TV Premium Pass is here to help. 

For a limited time, new customers who sign up to any Sling TV membership plan will get a free month of Sling TV Premium Pass. Premium Pass gives you free access to Showtime, Starz, and Epix. After your 30 days are up, you can keep Sling TV Premium Pass for just $24/month (this price is in addition to your Sling TV plan) or cancel the additional channels.

Sling TV Premium Pass: free 30-day trial @ Sling TV
New customers who sign up for any Sling TV plan will get a free month of Sling TV Premium Pass. Premium Pass gives you access to Epix, Starz, and Showtime. After 30 days you can keep the channels (for an additional $24/month) or cancel and stick with your regular Sling TV plan. View Deal

Sling TV Premium Pass gives you access to over 85,000 movies and shows on demand. Showtime content includes Billions, City of Angels, Homeland, and more. Meanwhile, Starz adds Vida, Power, and The Rook. Finally, Epix includes Belgravia, Get Shorty, and Pennyworth. 

It's worth noting that if you subscribed to these channels individually you'd pay $10.99/month for Showtime, $5.99/month for Epix, and $8.99/month for Starz. Sling TV Premium Pass saves you $2 and adds the convenience of having all of the channels under one umbrella, instead of having to download different apps for different premium channel subscriptions. 

This Sling TV Premium Pass offer is only valid for new members or existing members who are within 30 days of their next billing date. Make sure to follow our coverage of the best Sling TV deals for more discounts. 

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