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Samsung Will Offer Discounted Galaxy Fold Repairs to Alleviate Screen Worries

Samsung Galaxy Fold
(Image credit: Future)

After its recent Korean re-launch, the Samsung Galaxy Fold will come to the United States in the “coming weeks.” And it seems the company is getting ready to make everything work perfectly this time, down to the warranty in case the very expensive Infinity Flex Display breaks.

According to Samsung fan site SamMobile, the Galaxy Fold will be covered with a standard one-year warranty and an extra warranty that will give users an Infinity Flex Display replacement for a discounted rate in case it breaks for any reason. The discount offer will last for one year after the device is purchased.

While there’s no price announced for the display replacement, SamMobile speculates that it will be in the $200-250 range. This is likely much cheaper than the full price of a screen repair, as a big part of the Galaxy Fold's $2,000 price tag probably comes from the screen cost.

Previous to this news, the Seoul-based company gave customers who pre-ordered the Fold an extra $250 credit as a “sorry we didn’t deliver” after cancelling their pre-orders. 

Samsung is likely making these moves to encourage people trust a product that has been lambasted for its fragility by the press and the public. Presenting this discounted screen replacement upfront may be Samsung’s way of saying “we know you are worried about its durability, so we are ready to make this painless to you even if you break it.” Samsung has recently declared that they wanted to rethink the entire customer experience for the Fold after the PR debacle, so all these moves may be part of that effort.

Or maybe, Samsung knows that despite recent changes may reduce the possibility of solid particles entering the mechanism, the display may still fail, and is looking to cover its tracks. 

In any case, it is good to see a manufacturer thinking a little bit about its consumers, even if it is for purely selfish reasons.

Jesus Diaz

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