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Best toys in 2020

best toys
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The best toys this year caught our attention for their quirky backstories, clever STEM advancements or “aww”-inducing designs. 

We got a sneak peak of every toy at Toy Fair 2020, where companies like Habsro, Lego and Spin Master brought their hot new products out to play. Now, several months later, all the toys we saw are hitting shelves.

While Baby Yoda toys unequivocally stole the show, we’re excited about Nerf’s Fortnite collaboration, several kid-safe drones and an Alexa-powered kitchen playset, too.

In fact, there are dozens of impressive toys on the way. But here are the 10 best toys we think you should watch out for this year.

best toys - junk bots

(Image credit: Future)

1. Junk Bots

Imagine a world where alleyway garbage comes to life, and you’ll find yourself immersed in the story of Hexbug’s Junk Bots. Discarded tires, radios, dustbusters and combs combine to create ornate robots. As one of the best toys this year, the scrappy collectibles come alive with module-powered vibrations, lights and motions.

They say one person’s trash is another’s treasure. Junk Bots dumpsters start at $4.99 and are in stores now.

best toys - professor maxwell

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2. Professor Maxwell’s VR Lab

Abacus outdid itself this year with an impressive collection of 5D STEM activity kits, complete with 64-page AR workbooks, smartphone VR headsets and physical materials relevant to the kit’s theme. While the VR Lab Scientist and VR Universe kits are perfect for academia, VR Magic and VR Junior Chef offer one-of-a-kind introductions to wholesome hobbies and are some of the best toys coming out soon. 

All of Professor Maxwell’s VR Lab kits cost $49.99 and are available now.

Professor Maxwell's VR Lab kits: $49.99 @ Amazon
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best toys - go go bird

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3. Go Go Bird

Zing’s Go Go Bird is a clever kite-drone hybrid that flew straight into our hearts with its zippy wings and colorful design. Not only is Go Go Bird simple to navigate with a compact remote control, but it’s obstacle avoiding technology helps it avoid crashing into people and physical barriers, too. Because its blades flap rather than spin, little fingers have nothing to fear. We’re also impressed by its hour-long flight time on a single charge.

The Go Go Bird costs $39.99 and it comes in red and green. It's available now.

best toys - my partner eevee

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4. My Partner Eevee

Keeping in Pokemon Let’s Go fashion, Jabwarez is following up the My Partner Pikachu interactive figure with My Partner Eevee this year. Its functions are nearly identical to Pikachu’s: Eevee’s built-in microphone and touch sensors stimulate 20 effects, including sounds and head and tail movements. But now team Eevee trainers can put their Pokémon of choice in the palm of their hands.

Catch My Partner Eevee, one of the best toys this year, for $19.99 now.

best toys - 2-in-1 Alexa Kitchen and Market

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5. 2-in-1 Alexa Kitchen and Market

KidKraft’s 2-in-1 Alexa Kitchen and Market is powered by RFID sensors and, of course, Alexa. When kids trifle with the collection of accessories, Alexa walks them through recipes, helps make shopping lists, plays guessing games and provides the expected dose of puns. The voice-driven toy acts as a liaison between children and AI, which has its caveats but could be useful for teaching the functions of smart home technology.

The 2-in-1 Alexa Kitchen and Market is coming in late 2020 and will cost $299. That price doesn’t include an Echo speaker, so you might want to consider picking up the Echo Dot Kids Edition.

best toys - pac-man tamagotchi

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6. Pac-Man Tamagotchi

Nostalgia is a major theme among toys the best toys this year, with everything from Care Bears to Tiger Handheld games making a comeback. But none strike a chord quite like Bandai’s crossover Pac-Man Tamagotchi. The merge of two iconic trademarks lets you raise a Tamagotchi, fend off ghosts and play Pac-Man-inspired mini games. Nurture your child properly and it’ll grow into one of seven different characters. 

You can begin feeding your very own Pac-Man Tamagotchi creature cherries in March 2020. The chained toy starts at $19.99 on Amazon.

best toys - baby yoda

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7. The Child Animatronic Edition

The Mandalorian’s adorable, green soup-sipping alien known as The Child is coming to life this year. Hasbro recreated the Child’s iconic coos, heavy blinks and ear movements so well, you’d think the company borrowed the same model used in the series. When you touch its head, Baby Yoda responds with one of 25 sound and motion combinations. Plus it knows when it needs to catch some Z’s with a Force nap.

Pre-order The Child Animatronic Edition right now for $59.99, and the battery-powered toy will be released in Fall 2020. 

best toys - nerf fortnight GL

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8. Nerf Fortnite GL

Fortnite’s unwavering popularity shows in all sorts of playsets and collectible figurines this year, but the Nerf Fortnite GL rocket blaster from Hasbro lets fans get in on the fun IRL. The GL fires large foam rockets and sports a rotating drum that holds up to 6 darts. You use the handle to rotate the holster and launch your rockets for big battling action. It's among the best toys for action lovers now.

The Fortnight GL costs $59.99 and will come to stores in August 2020.

best toys - snap ships

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9. Snap Ships

PlayMonster’s Snap Ships universe features a space-based YouTube series, a collection of cube-based model ships and an app-based AR experience that combines the two. With a mix of ship parts and surprise power ups, kids can build more than one model with every kit. Plus the Snap Ship app helps walk kids through builds and test out their ships using AR.  

Pricing for Snap Ships range from $9.99 to $39.99 and they’ll be available in store starting August 2020. The Snap Ships show launches on YouTube at the same time.

best toys - ninja bots

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10. Ninja Bots

Spin Master makes a number of the best toys coming out this year, including a flying Toothless from the How to Train Your Dragon franchise and a number of remote control vehicles designed for all terrains. But the company’s Ninja Bots grabbed our attention with their neat IR sensors, bi-directional communication with challenging bots and over 100 different skills and sound effects. The more your Ninja Bot battles, the better it’ll become and closer it’ll get to black belt status.

One Ninja Bot costs $29.99 and a pack of two costs $49.99. They’ll be available Fall 2020.