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The best weighted jump ropes

Best weighted jump ropes
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The best weighted jump ropes are some of the most versatile and affordable pieces of fitness equipment you can own. This throwback to your playground days will get your heart rate up, but weighted jump ropes can also build strength in your shoulders, biceps, triceps, and back. Plus, it’s a great tool for developing lower body power and raising your anaerobic capacity, as this study in the Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research found.

For the days when you’re short on time or can’t bear to hop on the elliptical, a weighted jump rope is an effective and cost-efficient solution. You’ll get the same benefits as a workout on a more traditional machine for a fraction of the cost. Even higher-end weighted jump ropes are significantly less expensive than most pieces of cardio or strength equipment.

Weighted jump ropes come in a variety of weights and lengths, and many are adjustable. Despite the “weighted” part, most weighted jump ropes are extremely portable and can fit easily into a gym or overnight bag, allowing you to take a full body workout with you wherever you go.

What are the best weighted jump ropes?

Our top pick for the best weighted jump rope, the Crossrope Get Lean, takes the advantages of a classic weighted jump rope and adds a comprehensive (and free) smartphone app. With two ropes at your disposal, and a fast clip connection system that makes switching them effortless, the Get Lean is a great option for beginners and skilled athletes alike.

The Everlast Evergrip Weighted Jump Rope may be a more economical choice, but that doesn’t mean you’ll get any less of a workout. With three removable steel weights in each handle, you’ll have the ability to fine tune your jump rope’s overall weight to best match your needs. At less than  $20, the Everlast Evergrip wins for the best weighted jump rope for those on a budget.

For the apartment dweller who exercises in a less-than-spacious environment, the Benvo Weighted Ropeless Jump Rope offers all of the best parts of jumping rope without having to worry about destroying fragile household items. That’s why it’s our choice for the best weighted jump rope for indoor workouts.

The best weighted jump ropes you can buy now

Best weighted jump ropes: Crossrope Get Lean

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1. Crossrope Get Lean

Best Weighted Jump Rope Overall

Overall weight: Up to 8 ounces | Weighted: Rope | Adjustable length: No (Length options available) | Adjustable weight: Yes

Includes 2 interchangeable ropes and travel bag
Free smartphone app

The innovative design and integrated app are what put the Crossrope Get Lean at the top of the best weighted jump rope list. The Get Lean comes with two interchangeable ropes, weighing 4 and 8 ounces respectively, which click firmly into the handles and allow you to easily diversify your routine.

Despite using two ropes that didn’t differ too much in weight, having the ability to switch between them without much fuss really intensified my workout. While the 4-ounce rope got my heart rate up, it was the 8-ounce rope that really started to build heat in my shoulders and biceps. I was surprised that a relatively low rope weight would have such an immediate effect. Crossrope offers four different length options for their ropes to ensure that users of all heights are able to get an effective workout. As I’m  5-foot 4 inches tall, the medium length ropes were perfect for me.

The handles were another big highlight — slim enough to fit in my smaller hands, but big enough to get a firm grip. Unlike some of the ropes on our list, the Crossrope’s handles are rubber rather than padded with a soft foam. This felt more sanitary — the sweat from your workout (and trust me, you’ll sweat) won’t soak the handles.

But beyond the great design, the Crossrope’s biggest plus is the app, available for iOS and Android. You can spend a bit more money for a premium membership ($79.99 annually or $9.99 per month), but there’s plenty of content offered in the free version. You’ll find tutorials, challenge groups, and lots of workout programs using various combinations of ropes. Some of the workouts even included a few moves that I hadn’t tried before, which amplified the difficulty and gave me a new set of skills to work on. The app can also track the estimated number of calories you’ve burned, workouts you’ve completed, and goals you’ve achieved.

While the Crossrope is the most expensive weighted jump rope on our list, it’s the one to choose if you’re serious about starting a new cardio routine and want some variety beyond a classic rope.

Best weighted jump ropes: Everlast Evergrip Weighted Jump Rope

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2. Everlast Evergrip Weighted Jump Rope

Best Budget Friendly Weighted Jump Rope

Overall weight: Up to 1.5 pounds | Weighted: Handles | Adjustable length: Yes (Irreversible) | Adjustable weight: Yes

Ability to widely vary the handle weight
Adjustable length
Rope can get tangled or kinked
Length adjustments are irreversible

If you’re looking for a basic but well-made weighted jump rope without a hefty price tag, the Everlast Evergrip Weighted Jump Rope is an amazing find. With three separate removable steel weights in each handle, you can easily alter your rope’s overall weight and progress your workouts at will.

Despite its cheaper price, the Everlast Evergrip is one of our most versatile picks. The option to remove all or part of the weight from the handles really sets it apart from other weighted handle ropes, which usually only have one removable weight. I tried every weight combination possible and could definitely tell the difference between them. By the time I was jumping with all three weights, my shoulders, biceps, and forearms were on fire.

The rope comes at a standard 9 feet long, but it’s not too difficult to adjust the length if needed, which can be done by opening both handles and moving a plastic stopper.  Just be forewarned:   you will need to cut off any remaining rope in order to screw the handles back together. I found that the standard length worked well enough for my height, although the middle of the rope did go slack when it hit the floor. The rope is made from plastic of moderate density and diameter, which has a tendency to kink and tangle if not stored correctly. Make sure you keep your rope hanging from a wall, coiled, or wrapped firmly around the handles.

The Evergrip is named for its soft foam padded handles. While the diameter of the handle was a little large for me, I still had good control while I jumped. As I mentioned, I’m not a fan of foam handles because I feel like they have a tendency to absorb too much sweat during your workouts. Fortunately, the “Evergrips” can be removed, leaving you with just the plastic handle if you prefer.

If you’re in the market for multi-faceted weighted jump rope that won’t break the bank, the Everlast Evergrip is your best bet.

Best weighted jump ropes: Pulse Weighted Jump Rope

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3. Pulse Weighted Jump Rope

Best Weighted Jump Rope for beginners

Overall weight: Up to 1lbs | Weighted: Handles | Adjustable length: Yes | Adjustable weight: Yes

Adjustable handle weight
Adjustable length
Rope can get tangled or kinked
Length adjustments are irreversible

The Pulse Weighted Jump Rope is a fantastic introductory rope for the beginner. Its low price means you don’t have to make a huge financial commitment to a new exercise regimen, and the one-pound weight will give your jumping sessions a nice mix of cardiovascular and upper body endurance.

This weighted jump rope measures  10 feet, which is about one foot longer than most ropes on our list. If you need something shorter (like I did), you can alter the rope length by unscrewing the tops of both handles and sliding a plastic stopper. To make sure you get the adjustment right, Pulse includes a helpful height and length ratio chart. Also, like the Everlast Evergrip, once you alter the rope’s length, you’ll need to cut off any remainder in order to reassemble the handles. So remember your high school shop teacher’s advice: measure twice, cut once. And since the rope is made from plastic, remember to store it correctly to avoid kinks and tangles.

If you are a beginner, it may be a good idea to remove the one-p-ound weight from each handle as you learn some techniques and build a rhythm. Going from unweighted to one pound is a bit of a jump, but the heavier handle will give you the best of both cardio and resistance training worlds.

The Pulse’s foam handles felt secure in my hands; the foam can be removed if you’re a germaphobe like me, but it takes a bit of muscle to get them off. The ball bearings made for smooth and easy revolutions of the rope, which is a very important trait for the novice jumper.

The Pulse may not come with a lot of flair, but it does extremely well with the basics. That’s all you’ll need to start!

Best weighted jump ropes: Body Rhythm Weighted Jump Rope Set

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4. Body Rhythm Weighted Jump Rope Set

Best Weighted Jump Rope for travel

Overall weight: Up to 8 ounces | Weighted: Handles and Ropes | Adjustable length: Yes (non-reversible) | Adjustable weight: Yes

Includes three ropes
Includes durable carrying case
Adjustable handle weight
Length adjustments are difficult and irreversible

The Body Rhythm Weighted Jump Rope is the weighted jump rope for those who want a similar experience to the Crossrope without the higher cost. This set comes with three ropes ranging in diameter from 4 to 8 millimeters, and ranging in weight from 3 to 8 ounces.

What really makes this rope set the preeminent choice for the active traveler is its durable carrying case. It protects your equipment without taking up too much room in your luggage or gym bag, and the elastic and zipper compartments keep your handles and ropes secure and tangle-free. It even comes with a shoulder strap for the times you want to carry the case on its own.

Like the Crossrope, the Body Rhythm allows you to interchange the ropes to match your desired workout. The 4 millimeter rope was great to work on speed and cardiovascular endurance, while the larger 6 millimeter and 8 millimeter ropes began to fatigue my upper body after a few minutes’ use. It’s not hard to switch the ropes, but not quite as easily done when compared to the Crossrope.

A disadvantage of the Body Rhythm is its rope length. While length options aren’t offered with the set, the standard 9 foot rope can be cut to match your height. This isn’t exactly an easy feat however, as you would need to cut through the thick plastic rope and replace the metal ends, rendering any changes you make permanent. That being said, the rope length felt okay for my average height.

But, a big plus to the Body Rhythm? Unlike the Crossrope, you have the option of adding weights to the narrow plastic handles, which were slim and easy to grip. The multiple ways you can use this weighted jump rope make it a perfect workout option for when your travels take you away from dumbbells and treadmills.

Best weighted jump ropes: Te-Rich Weighted Jump Rope

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5. Te-Rich Weighted Jump Rope

Best Digital Weighted Jump Rope

Overall weight: Up to 8 ounces | Weighted: Handles | Adjustable length: Yes | Adjustable weight: Yes

Length adjustments are easy and reversible
Includes ropeless attachment, screwdriver, replacement battery, and travel bag
Rope can get tangled or kinked
LCD panel set up is somewhat confusing

For the fitness buff who’s into metrics, the Te-Rich Weighted Jump Rope is the perfect choice. I love using technology to track different aspects of my workouts, so I was excited to try the Te-Rich rope’s digital interface that allows you to input your weight, set a timer, and track both the number of revolutions your rope has completed (called “loops”) and the estimated calories you’ve burned. A heads up for Americans or anyone who uses the Imperial system: the panel measures your weight in kilograms, so calculate the conversion before you start.

Despite being pretty good at most things digital, the LCD panel tripped me up on my first use. While panel instructions are included, it took me a few minutes of playing around to really figure out how it worked. Once I got the hang of it though, the panel was incredibly useful. You can choose a countdown of either minutes or loops, so I didn’t have to worry about keeping my eye on a clock or counting how many jumps I had made - the rope did it all for me.

Another big advantage to the Te-Rich is the included accessories, especially the ropeless attachment that allows you to continue your routine when you’re stuck indoors. It also comes with a travel bag, a replacement lithium ion battery, and even a small screwdriver to open the battery compartment.

Adjusting the length of the rope is easy and reversible, so you can share the Te-Rich Weighted Jump Rope with friends and family of any height. The overall weight is on the lighter end, but I was still able to feel work being done in my shoulders and biceps as I jumped. For the days you want to focus more on speed, the 4 ounce weights can be removed from the rubber handles. Like others on our list, the Te-Rich’s rope is made from a thin plastic, so be sure to store it accordingly.

If you love trackers and data, the Te-Rich Weighted Jump Rope will fit very nicely into your fitness routine.

Best weighted jump ropes: Rogue Bare Steel Heavy Rope

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6. Rogue Bare Steel Heavy Rope

Best Steel Weighted Jump Rope

Overall weight: 1.5 pounds | Weighted: Rope | Adjustable length: No (length options available) | Adjustable weight: No

Appropriate “strength” rope weight for most levels
Hard to store
Abrasive steel can damage flooring

When lighter ropes aren’t giving your arms the same burn as they used to, it may be time to consider adding a heavier “strength” rope to your arsenal.  At 1.5 pounds, the Rogue Bare Steel Heavy Rope is a solidly made, badass looking piece of equipment that will get you upper body gains with every use.

Don’t expect to go for minutes at a time using this rope, especially on your first try — it handles very differently than other selections on our list. I had to slow down my jump speed significantly, even after I got used to the way it felt. That being said, it’s a fantastic rope to use when you want to work on upper body conditioning. The weight is light enough to be appropriate for most strength levels, but heavy enough to make an impact. And let me tell you, I felt the impact for several days after I used it.

The Rogue’s weight lies solely in the braided steel rope between the light plastic handles, which means the rotator cuff muscles in your shoulder will have to work harder than they would with an unweighted rope. It also means that you have 9 feet of hard metal revolving around your body at high speed, which can do a number on wood floors. Be sure to use the Rogue Bare Steel Rope in the right setting - in a gym or another workout space with proper flooring.

The welded steel also means there’s no adjusting this rope for different heights. Rogue offers two length options when purchasing, but it’s important to note that the 10 foot rope is heavier (1.75 pounds).  An advantage to the steel is that you’ll never have to worry about finding an impossibly tangled rope in the bottom of your gym bag. But a disadvantage? Storing a steel rope can be a pain. Be sure to keep the Velcro ties that Rogue uses for shipping — they’ll come in handy when you want to coil your rope.

When it’s time to up the ante for your upper body, the Rogue Bare Steel Heavy rope is an outstanding choice.

Best weighted jump ropes: Champion Sports Weighted Jump Rope

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7. Champion Sports Weighted Jump Rope (Orange)

Best Rubber Weighted Jump Rope

Overall weight: 2 pounds | Weighted: Rope | Adjustable length: No | Adjustable weight: No (weight options available)

Made from non-abrasive material
Easy to coil and store
Plastic ball bearings in handles feels unstable
Might be too heavy for some users
No length options available

So you lost your security deposit because your steel jump rope destroyed your landlord’s floor? Whoops. For the times you need a strength rope that doesn’t endanger the structural integrity of your home, look no further than the Champion Sports Weighted Jump Rope.

This rubber rope weighs in at a bulkier 2 pounds, so you’ll want to use it in a strength-building capacity. For that purpose, it’s awesome — after only a few jumps, my arms felt as fatigued as they’d be after a set of push-ups. But based on your abilities and your anatomy, the Champion Sports rope may be a bit difficult to use. Jumping with this rope challenged my shoulder stability, and after a while I began to feel a little impingement and pain in the area. There’s good news, though: if you like the rope’s design but not the 2-pound weight, Champion Sports offers a 1-pound version. They also offer a 3- and 4-pound versions for those of you who never miss a bench day.

The rope itself is very durable, but still soft and pliable enough to not scratch up your surroundings. However, it’s still best used outside, in a gym, in a garage, or anywhere you have plenty of unoccupied space. Its density also means it is nearly impossible to tangle, and unlike the Rogue Bare Steel rope, it coils for storage with minimal effort.

While Champion Sports offers different weight options for its rope, it doesn’t offer any length options. The 9-foot length worked well for me, but if you’re taller or shorter than average, you may want to find an alternative. Another downside are the ropes’ handles (yes, they’re soft padded foam). The large, plastic ball bearings make the rope’s revolutions feel a little choppy and uneven at times. Fortunately, that fact didn’t stop me from being able to get a good workout.

The Champion Sports Weighted Jump Rope offers all the benefits of working with a strength rope, without having to worry about losing any more security deposits.

Best weighted jump ropes: WOD Nation Weighted Jump Rope

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8. WOD Nation Weighted Jump Rope

Best Weighted Jump Rope for Speed Training

Overall weight: Up to 1 pound | Weighted: Handles | Adjustable length: Yes | Adjustable weight: Yes

Length adjustments are easy and reversible
Includes 2 different ropes
Includes travel bag, storage clips, and stickers
Removing weights from the handles is extremely difficult
Ropes can get tangled or kinked
Interchanging the ropes takes time

Since vertical power has never been one of my athletic strong suits, I’m not the biggest fan of double unders (a jump rope move where the rope passes under you twice before you land). The times I’d try them would leave me frustrated and with cuts on my shins from hitting the ground too early. But since the WOD Nation Weighted Jump Rope set included a thinner rope specifically made for double unders, I decided to attempt the maneuver once more — after changing into long pants, of course.

I was pleasantly surprised with how much quicker the rope loops were using the lighter, thinner rope. For the first time in recent history, I was able to get several double unders in a row without stopping or needing to find a BandAid. It’s an excellent option to use when you want to get better at advanced speed and agility moves.

The standard size rope worked well for a more typical jump rope practice, and the weighted handles provided enough resistance for my shoulders and arms to feel like they were getting some attention too. Adjusting the length of the rope isn’t too difficult, and any changes you make to the length can be reversed. I wouldn’t consider switching between the ropes to be difficult, but it’s not as quick of a process compared to other choices on this list. Since these ropes are plastic and thin, watch out for tangling and kinking. You can avoid this issue by using the storage clips that WOD Nation includes.

The handles are rubber and a decent diameter for most users to get a good grip without issue. The weights in the handles can be removed, but I could not figure out how to remove them. The bottom of the handles looked as if they could be unscrewed or popped off, but despite lots of twisting and several broken nails, I couldn’t open them. It wasn’t an issue for me as the weight felt appropriate, but be aware if you’re looking for a rope you can use both weighted and unweighted.

If you want to build more confidence in your speed and agility, The WOD Nation Weighted Jump Rope will get the job done.

Best weighted jump ropes: RopeFit Heavy Jump Rope

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9. RopeFit Heavy Jump Rope

Best Weighted Jump Rope for Strength Training

Overall weight: 5 pounds | Weighted: Rope | Adjustable length: No (length options available) | Adjustable weight: No

Will challenge even the strongest shoulders, biceps, and forearms
Great to use in conjunction with other HIIT or plyometric programs
Might be too heavy for some users
No handles
Size makes it difficult to carry and store

Sometimes you want to feel like the Hulk when you workout. For those days when you’ve had an extra cup of coffee and your playlist pumps you up enough to rip through your shirt, consider adding the RopeFit Heavy Jump Rope into your program. It’s the heaviest on our list by three whole pounds, so even the Hulk himself would feel challenged by this beast of a weighted jump rope.

Essentially, the RopeFit is a shorter version of a battle rope —a long, thick rope used for various plyometric and strength exercises. You might have noticed that they’re generally only used for seconds at a time, and that the brave souls who use them often look like they’re about to collapse. While a battle rope’s overall weight doesn’t sound too heavy, once you start adding slams, waves, and circles into the mix, things get very intense, very quickly.

Such is the case with the RopeFit. It’s extremely bulky, and it looks like something you’d use to tie a ship to a dock, but it will strengthen your upper body like none of our other picks. In fact, it may be a rope you have to “work up to,” especially if you’re dealing with a shoulder injury or instability.  When I used it myself, my rotator cuff and deltoids fatigued after just a few loops. Adding a heavy rope like the RopeFit to your basic plyo or the best HIIT workouts, or even just jumping with it for 30 seconds, will result in some amazing upper body conditioning.

You won’t have to worry about the RopeFit getting tangled, and coiling it up isn’t so bad, but storing or traveling with it might prove to be annoying since it takes up a considerable amount of space. It's also important to note that there aren’t any handles on this bad boy, which means you’ll have to find a grip strong enough to keep the end of the rope in your hands, but loose enough so that it can rotate smoothly.

Make no mistake, this is not the rope for speed. But if you’re looking for a rope that will help you to develop strength and power in your upper body, the RopeFit Heavy Jump Rope will be your new best friend.

Best weighted jump ropes: Benvo Weighted Ropeless Jump Rope

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10. Benvo Weighted Ropeless Jump Rope

Best Weighted Jump Rope for Indoor Workouts

Overall weight: Up to 3.2 ounces | Weighted: Handles | Adjustable length: N/A | Adjustable weight: Yes

Can be used all levels
Adjustable handle weight
Travel bag included
May not challenge advanced levels

The Benvo Weighted Ropeless Jump Rope defies the notion that you need an actual rope to get the benefits of the practice, which is fantastic news for anyone that lives in a small apartment and fears exercise-induced property damage. Attached to each handle is a 6-inch rope and silicone ball, which mimics the revolutions a longer connected rope would make.

At first, I doubted the efficacy of the Benvo ropeless rope. It looked more like a toy that would get you suspended from school than a piece of fitness equipment. But once I tried it, I was really impressed. It felt exactly like jumping with a regular weighted jump rope, and even better, I didn’t have to worry about tripping or having to reset. I also didn’t have to worry about hitting walls, vases, or light fixtures with an unwieldy rope.

The Benvo Ropeless Weighted Jump Rope is a smart choice not only for apartment dwellers, but for jump rope novices too. If you’ve tried jumping rope in the past and can never seem to get more than a few loops before stopping, using a ropeless weighted jump rope can help you to develop the rhythm, lower body power, and cardiovascular endurance you need to progress to an actual rope. You can even use the Benvo without jumping at all, making it a great option for those who need to stay away from high-impact exercises.

The weights in the handles aren’t super heavy, but will definitely pack a punch to your biceps and shoulders after a few minutes’ use. If you prefer an unweighted handle, the weights can be easily removed. The downside to this rope is that it may not give you enough of a challenge if you’re a more experienced jump rope enthusiast. And, unlike an actual rope, it doesn’t necessarily help sharpen your coordination.

Living in confined quarters is no longer an excuse for skipping cardio. The Benvo Ropeless Weighted Jump Rope can be used by anyone, anywhere.

How to choose the best weighted jump rope for you

Weighted jump ropes are made from materials like nylon, plastic, rubber, steel and - you guessed it - actual rope. Where you’ll find the “weight” in a weighted jump rope can vary - some have weighted handles, some have weighted ropes, and some have both. Many of our selections have handles with ball bearings, which allow for smooth revolutions of the rope as you jump.

It’s important to take a few factors into consideration when purchasing a weighted jump rope. If the rope you choose doesn’t allow for length adjustments, be sure to select a rope length that’s appropriate for your height. Many of our non-adjustable picks give length suggestions for various height ranges.

You will also want to consider where you’ll be using your weighted jump rope. Some of the ropes on our list are made from more abrasive materials, so they’d be best used in a gym or outdoors.

It’s also important to think about the kind of workout you want to get from your weighted jump rope. If your goal is to build cardiovascular and muscular endurance, a rope with an overall weight of 1 pound or lighter would be your best choice. If you’d like to improve strength and power, choose a rope that weighs over 1 pound.

Lastly, think about any extras included with your weighted jump rope. Would a rope that comes with app-based workouts help keep you engaged? Would you be more likely to take your rope on vacation if it came in a bag you could easily tuck into your suitcase? If your rope had a digital timer on the handle, would you be less tempted to cut your cardio sessions short? While these extras may raise the price of your weighted jump rope slightly, they are well worth the (still affordable) expense if they help you to stay motivated.

How we tested the best weighted jump ropes

To help us determine which weighted jump ropes were the best, we evaluated them in varying time intervals and in different environments.

For any ropes on our list with an overall weight of 1 pound or lighter, we would perform single revolution jumps (“single unders”) for 2 minutes. For ropes with an overall weight of 1.5 to 2 pounds, we’d perform single unders for 1 minute. For ropes over 2 pounds, we’d perform single unders for 30-45 seconds. This process was repeated for sets with interchangeable ropes and variable weight handles, so that all possible weight and rope combinations were tried. Additionally, double revolution jumps (“double unders”) were performed with the WOD Nation Weighted Jump Rope for 30 seconds.

All ropes were tested both indoors and outdoors, with the exception of the RopeFit which was only tested outdoors. Indoors, the ropes were tested on a hardwood floor and a rubberized mat. Outdoors, the ropes were tested on a wooden boardwalk. We also tested each product to see how easy it was to change weights and adjust the length of the ropes, among other usability factors.

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