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Best touchscreen gloves for 2021

Best touchscreen gloves
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Now is the time where the best touchscreen gloves are truly an essential purchase — as they've been taken out of the closet and put into heavy rotation. As we continue to go grocery shopping and other errands, nobody wants cold fingers or to be forced to de-glove when it's time to use your phone. So we go hunting for enough options to satisfy your whole family, including relatives who have their own unique sense of style.

Fortunately for us all, this industry is wide enough to offer styles that either blend into the background, or even match your wardrobe and/or phone. We've got a mix of materials here, with utilitarian synthetic fabrics and soft leather. There are even gloves with grippy palms for those riding a bicycle. 

I compile this list by examining the top well-reviewed pairs available. Here are gloves for everyone, from commuters and athletes to kids and fashionistas, with pairs that are best for style and others we prefer for their color options.

1. Achiou Winter Warm Touchscreen Gloves

Achiou Winter Warm Touchscreen Gloves for Women and Men

(Image credit: Amazon)

Available in ten different colors, including the Rose Red design seen below, these touchscreen gloves are as snazzy as they are functional. Grippy silicone triangles on the palms aim to keep your phone in your hand -- and not in the snow below you -- while their knit wool fabric provides softness and warmth in the winter. Each glove features thumb, index and middle finger tips designed to activate touchscreens.

Oh, and don't worry about clammy palms, the Achious have a breathable material, keeping you dry and in the clear. With that combination of color options, warmth and extras, Achiou's made a pair to consider as the best touchscreen gloves. Available in medium, large and x-large.

2. Agloves sport touchscreen gloves

Agloves Sport Touchscreen Gloves

(Image credit: Amazon)

Unlike other phone-compatible gloves that make you tap with the tiny tips on the ends of each finger, every inch of the Agloves will work with your devices. Available in black and white, and featuring silver yarn, one of the most conductive elements.  Agloves claims this pair is "America's top-rated glove for accuracy and precision."

These gloves can be hand washed, and just like the above pair, they've got a breathable fabric so your hands stay dry — which is why you're looking for gloves in the first place, right? Sold in two sizes: Small/Medium and Medium/Large (though Amazon lists the latter as X-Large). 

3. C.C Unisex cable knit anti-slip gloves

best touchscreen gloves - C.C Unisex Cable Knit Winter Warm Anti-Slip Touchscreen Texting Gloves

(Image credit: C.C. Store via Amazon)

Available in practically every color you could think of, and in many combinations you didn't see coming, these winter gloves from C.C. can be bought to match any outfit. Their "confetti" designs sprinkle in various tones on top of others, which can produce versatile effects. The cable-knit design makes them perfect for the old-fashioned friends and family members.

Made with a soft acrylic for a one-size-fits-most design, these gloves have smart-tips on the thumb and index fingers, to help you tap through whatever you need to get done in the cold. Plus, the faux-suede palm grip will help you keep your hold on practically anything. 

4. Warmen women's touchscreen texting leather gloves

WARMEN Women's Touchscreen Texting Genuine Nappa Leather Gloves

(Image credit: Amazon)

While the Warmen gloves are made in a wide array of colors — great for matching outfits — the color options seem to go in and out of stock on Amazon. At the time of publishing, they've got them in brown, black, navy (which looks like black on Amazon) and a reddish orange.

Their exterior is 100 percent Sheepskin and the lining is 30 percent cashmere with 70 percent wool. Sold in Large, X-Large and XX-Large. Touchscreen sensitive material is only used in tips of thumbs, forefingers and middle fingers.

5. Anqier lightweight tech running gloves

Nike Lightweight Tech Running Gloves

(Image credit: Amazon)

The sporty-looking Anqier gloves look like they'd fit right in on the slopes or at a rink. Their compression stretch fabric is used to try and get a perfect fit, so you're not always adjusting. 

Available in black and various grays, these are more for the person who wants to project their seriousness than other pairs. Anti-slip silicon palm grips mean your phone won't fall out of your hands. Sold in Small, Medium, Large and X-Large, though sizes often sell out and come back in stock. 

6. Isotoner women’s stretch fleece smarTouch gloves

Isotoner Women’s Stretch Fleece smarTouch Gloves with Spill

(Image credit: Amazon)

Isotoner, maker of umbrellas and other cold-weather accessories, also makes smartphone-friendly gloves. This pair is made with stretchy fleece, and features spill fringe, the lining material that extends outside of the glove.

Sold in black, multiple shades of gray, Really Red and leopard, these gloves look to fit into your personal style. Screen-activating sections placed on thumbs, index and middle fingers. One size fits all. 

7. Dimore womens screen touch gloves

best touchscreen gloves Dimore Womens Screen Touch Gloves Winter Thick Warm Lined Smart Texting Gloves

(Image credit: Dimore/Amazon)

Looking for a more exciting pair of gloves? This fleece-lined pair from Dimore — is eye-catching, but restrained making them one of the more stylish pairs — which might be all you need to know to think of them as the best touchscreen gloves. 

Available in black, brown and khaki, these gloves have satin insets on the thumb and index finger for touchscreen activations. Don't worry about these gloves not meeting your standards, as they're backed by a no-hassle money-back lifetime guarantee. One size fits all. 

8. GliderGloves copper infused touch screen gloves

GliderGloves Copper Infused Touch Screen Gloves

(Image credit: Amazon)

Available in black, grey and Ingress Green, these gloves feature a textured grip pattern for helping you keep a hold on the world around you. Oh, and not just the tips are smartphone compatible: the entire surface of the gloves work with your phones.

These gloves look more neutral and less techy than some of the sports-focused gloves on this list, and personally that's how I'd be shopping. I'm trying to find gloves that don't scream "I can use these with a phone," and the patterns on these make them look a lot less over the top.

How to choose the best touchscreen gloves

While we're all trying to find the cheapest pair — it's bad enough our phones can't recognize regular gloves — there are reasons to consider the more expensive pairs on this list. For example, look for gloves with the activation material usage you're looking for.

Some gloves only can actuate screens with material used on the tips of the thumbs, index and middle fingers, while other gloves are entirely made out of that material that interacts with your phone screen.  The latter might sound better, but think about accidentally activating your phone screen, and that leading to typos and unintentional phone numbers.

Lastly, as someone who shops for these gloves myself, I recommend you err on the side of a larger glove. All hands are different, but many gloves I've purchased over the years felt a bit too snug. 

All the rest is between you and your sense of style and aesthetics. Good luck!