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The best cheap PS4 games in 2020

best cheap PS4 games
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The best cheap PS4 games let you turn the $60 you would have spent on one new AAA game into several games that are just as good. Sure, these cheaper titles may be a few years old or are indie games that are smaller in scope due to limited time and budget. But they'll still give you some of the best experiences to be had on PS4, so you'd be foolish to underestimate their quality.

They come in all shapes and sizes - shooters, fighting games, RPGs or adventure games - while staying beneath our $20 price range. Some are single player, some are multiplayer, and a couple occupy a weird in-between space. But they're all great fun in one way or another.

You don't have to be short on funds to be interested in these cheap titles either. Picking up cheap games is a great way to build your collection and try out popular titles without having to pay through the nose just to get them on launch day. In some cases, these games are the remastered versions of their original titles, meaning that you're getting a better experience than someone who likely paid more for the original.

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What are the best cheap PS4 games?

Before revealing our favorites, we've got to mention that none of these games are free to play. You can check out our other list for our best free PS4 games.

But as for the best cheap PS4 games, my personal pick of the bunch would be Horizon: Zero Dawn Complete edition. An enormous open world made even larger by the presence of all the available DLC in one package, this game has both interesting mechanics and an entertaining story, all for an amazingly cheap price.

For co-op players, Castle Crashers Remastered is the choice for you off of this list. Supporting up to four players, and full of entertaining scenarios that'll only be more fun with friends, you will get several hours of entertainment out of this game.

If you're after story and nothing else, Night in the Woods and Journey are the games you should check out. There is some platform puzzling to do as you navigate from plot beat to plot beat, but these two very different tales show off some of the best narratives in gaming.

For strategy fans, John Wick Hex will scratch that itch. You'll require a mind for tactics in order to shoot your way in slow motion through hordes of baddies.

Telling Lies is a unique experience too. While it's a game all about story, you have to go looking for it through a deliberately obtuse in-game database. The mystery slowly reveals itself to you if you know how to look for it, providing a unique challenge for people who like to take things slow.

You can also check out the best split screen PS4 games for multiplayer fare.

The best cheap PS4 games you can buy today

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1. John Wick Hex

Just like the film trilogy that this game is based on, John Wick Hex is about strategizing your way through an overwhelming number of armed enemies.

This isn't a shooter, it's more of a strategy title that is somewhere between real-time and turn based, the game pausing each time you reach an enemy so you can figure out your approach to the situation. Every action you then take is measured on the in-game timeline, be it movement, shots or reloads, against those of the enemies, allowing you to play around with options to see which solution lets you survive unscathed.

The game has a look that's just as interesting as its blend of genres. You'll travel between varied environments all rendered in a comic book style that makes a whole lot of sense given the apparent superpowers that John Wick has with whatever gun is in his hands.

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2. Telling Lies

There's a mystery that needs solving, and the only evidence you have is a series of clips from video chats between four different people going back over four years. Using the search capabilities of the data based you've 'acquired', you have to go through the clips to find out what happened between them.

The catch is that you'll only get the first five results for whatever term you search for, even if that word appears in the transcript of more than five clips. This means you can't just skip to the end immediately, and even if you did, there's no guarantee you'll know what's going on. You'll need to choose your search terms carefully, taking note of key names, places and phrases to learn what you should search for next, and from there figure out the answers to your questions.

best cheap PS4 games: Untitled Goose Game

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3. Untitled Goose Game

As the Goose named in the title, you have only one goal - bother the villagers in as many ways as you can find. They may be going about their day tending to their garden, running a pub or just relaxing reading the newspaper, but you have a list of mischievous tasks to get on with, and you can’t be reasoned or bargained with. You'll be breaking, entering, stealing, flapping and honking from start to finish and any boundary you come across won't stop you for long. 

This short but very sweet experience will take you to various areas around a picturesque village where there are lots of ways you can spoil a person’s day. The simple graphic style and piano score give the game an atmosphere like an old-fashioned cartoon, making it a pretty enjoyable spectator experience as well as a player one.

When you’re done with what you might call the game's campaign, you can try out a speedrun of each area, or look for hidden tasks that combine the items from around the map in fun ways.

best cheap PS4 games: Castle Crashers Remastered

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4. Castle Crashers Remastered

A refreshed edition of the 2008 beat ’em up with a uniquely bizarre take on the fantasy genre. You and up to three other people play as knights on a quest to save princesses, defeat an evil wizard and recover a stolen treasure, which sounds normal enough. However, on your way to rescue these damsels, you'll need to take on giants, fish and other strange enemies with your fists, weapons and magic. 

The game takes place over various stages, each with their own obstacles and rewards that you can then spend on ability upgrades or new items to help you in the next battle. You can play alone with CPU allies or enlist other teammates online or locally, which can help you take on your enemies or revive you if you get overwhelmed. But no matter how many friends you have along with you, you’ll have a great time.

This remastered version was released last year, and is undoubtedly a superior product to the original game too. The graphics and performance have been touched up for a prettier and smoother experience, and an additional mini-game has been added for a bit more variety in gameplay too.

best cheap PS4 games: Mini Metro

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5. Mini Metro

A good city needs an effective subway system, and in Mini Metro, it’s your job to plot the routes between an ever growing number of stations. Each stage is based on a real-life city, simplified into a couple of landmarks like rivers and different available train types. You'll need to link every station to your network, either to an existing line or a new one, making sure you have enough trains and carriages to handle the demand, as well as keeping an eye on extra resources like bridges and tunnels, which you'll only get more of at the end of each in-game week.

Every time you open a new line, it adds a new instrument to the procedurally generated soundtrack, the rhythm determined by the speed and length of the line. It's a fun way to illustrate the complexity of the rail system you're building without needing any additional graphics, which also makes the game enjoyably hypnotic.

The game comes with a handful of modes, including an unlimited mode, so your experience can be as hectic or relaxing as you like. It’s definitely not a detailed simulation, but watching your rectangular trains take polygonal passengers up and down the track, expanding the map and appreciating your network's unique melody will satisfy all kinds of players.

best cheap PS4 games: Horizon Zero Dawn Complete Edition

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6. Horizon: Zero Dawn Complete Edition

In the distant future, Earth has been taken over by animal-like machines, with humanity forced back to a pre-industrial way of living, scared of the technology that drove them there. The brave and curious Aloy is a part of this society. Her strange connection to the machines makes her an outcast, but also drives her to explore this world and understand the importance of her place in the world. 

Taking control of her survival and hunting abilities, you’ll travel a world full of dangerous metal creatures and unfriendly humans from other tribes. Some you'll be able to tame or even ride, but others are like miniature boss battles every time you encounter them. You'll need to make use of your entire arsenal of slings, bows and spears to take on larger enemies or groups, either setting a careful network of traps or slowly picking off your foes with silent, well aimed arrows

There's a great story to follow as you do this too. Learning how the current world came to be, and how familiar landscapes and items are recontextualized in this time is fun on its own, while the story of Aloy and her friends as they fight against a machine-worshipping cult that seeks to enact a destructive plan, helps ground it with meaningful stakes.

best cheap PS4 games: Invisible Inc

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7. Invisible Inc.

This stealth strategy roguelike starts you very much on the back foot. Your private spy agency has been compromised by the very megacorporations you get paid to infiltrate, and now you have just 72 hours to regroup and begin a final last-ditch mission to preserve the life of your AI companion, Incognita, who is your only defence against total defeat. 

Armed with various tools, you control a pair of agents on assignments to gather resources and allies, with each location and its goals being randomly generated. There's only a limited number of turns you can spend on each mission before security becomes too tight, so you’ll spend a long time agonising over who to take on a mission, as well as each move you make. This is a game where your mistakes stick, no matter how terrible the outcome, and even if you play perfectly, your successes, whether it's knocking out a guard or an entire security system, are temporary. This is a high stakes puzzle that always has a fresh experience for you every time you play.

best cheap PS4 games: Bloodborne

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8. Bloodborne

Combining both fantasy and horror in an action-adventure role-playing game, Bloodborne takes you on an unforgettable expedition throughout the ancient city of Yharnam. You select your own origin story and shape characters through stats and in-game decisions, but you'll always find yourself armed with a transforming "trick weapon" and faced with abominations that either used to be human or is something so alien you can barely comprehend it.

As the game progresses, you'll uncover dark secrets and fight to survive while you explore Yharnam's cursed streets. Cinematic visuals ensure you enjoy every visceral detail in this gothic environment, while Bloodborne's challenging gameplay puts your wits, strategy and reflexes to the test. You can't take many hits, and death means you drop all your currency, so dodging and parrying is the order of the day.

Alongside the story, there's the optional online mode that allows you to invade or be invaded by enemy players. Or you can try out the randomly-generated Chalice Dungeons, which blend enemies old and new into twisted labyrinths full of unique rewards.

best cheap PS4 games: Journey

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9. Journey

Critically acclaimed for its stunning visuals and musical score, Journey lets players explore an ancient and mysterious world. The game puts you into the place of a robed traveller, looking for a way up to the peak of a mountain. You don't know why you're going there, but you're left with no doubt that it's what you must do.

Whether it's with a CPU companion or a real life player, you'll travel towards the summit without a word, communicating only in charming musical tones. The actual mechanics are like a platforming game, requiring you to jump and slide through environments, helped by your companion and enchanted pieces of fabric that respond to your songs, helping you reach new areas.

The story and world is shown to you with little direct explanation and no spoken dialogue, forcing you to interpret the game's storyline on your own. It sounds quirky, but Journey provides innovative and immersive gameplay that will get you hooked, and leave you with a strong impression that will last for a long time afterwards.

best cheap PS4 games: Night in the Woods

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10. Night in the Woods

If adventure is something you seek, Night in the Woods is a unique exploration game that may pique your interests with its dark humor and contemporary story. You play as Mae Borowski, a snarky college dropout who also happens to be a cat. Mae's just returned to her hometown, Possum Springs, which has fallen upon hard time since the local mines were shut down. Reuniting with your friends, you hear that one of your childhood companions has gone missing, which leads you into the adventure of the game.

Gameplay-wise, you'll be running, jumping and use a few different supernatural powers to voyage into Mae's past and present life in the town. You have some control over the game's outcomes with your choices too, the friends you spend more time with revealing more of their secrets to you, which means you have a good reason to replay the game when you're done. It has a cute visual style, but this will lull you into thinking that the content of this story is anything but the unflinching look at modern life for young people.

10. The Last of Us Remastered

How to choose the best cheap PS4 games for you

All of these games are well regarded by critics, but not every title here will be right for you. When considering a purchase, go by genre, not just reviews. Check what kind of game mechanics, play modes and other features these games have, and you will have a better idea of what you're in for, whether you're searching for a new game in a familiar genre or want to try out something entirely different.

If you're still not sure, look for demos. Some of these games have limited free versions if you search the PlayStation Store. Download these and you can then try out the game hands-on to see if it's worth your time and money.

Now while these games are indeed cheap, they can get cheaper. The prices of these games drop several times a year for various events, so if you're willing to be patient, waiting for one of these sales will let you get even more for your money.

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