The best split screen PS4 and PS5 games in 2024

Best PS4 family games: It Takes Two
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The best split-screen PS4 and PS5 games offer you the chance to play some top games along your nearest and dearest. While plenty of great PS4 and PS5 games offer multiplayer components, games that offer split-screen functionality are becoming increasingly rare. There are plenty of good reasons for this, including the fact that split-screen multiplayer modes are more intensive on hardware, and the demand has shrunk as many people prefer online gaming to couch co-op anyway.

Nevertheless, split-screen games offer a special kind of cooperative or competitive experience, as you can go anywhere you want and do anything you want, while bringing your preferred partner along for the ride.  It’s all the best parts of a multiplayer experience without the restrictions that often go along with online play. 

There are many genres represented among the best split screen PS4 and PS5 games. Whether you want to play first-person shooters, racing games, RPGs, action games or even horror games, there should be something here to suit your tastes. Just be sure to pick up an extra controller first. Also check out our lists of the best PS4 games and the best PS5 games for a broader look at some of our favorites. And remember: The PS5 is backwards compatible with any PS4 titles we recommend.

The best split screen PS4 and PS5 games you can buy today

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The best split screen PS4 games: borderlands the handsome collection

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1. Borderlands: The Handsome Collection

If you've not heard of Borderlands before, it's a series of wickedly funny looter shooters, with some of the best co-op play on PlayStation consoles. In these games, you play as a vault-hunter, essentially an intergalactic treasure hunter, roaming the harsh planet of Pandorea on the hunt for all the loot you can get your hands on.  

Borderlands: The Handsome Collection on PS4 collects both Borderlands 2 and Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel, and both of them allow two, three or four players to share a local split screen. Each player can play as a different character class, which allows you to build out a team that compliments each other, and allows each player to fulfill their preferred role from a healer to a damage-dealer. 

If you tear through Borderlands: The Handsome Collection in record time, then there's Borderlands 3 waiting for you which is playable on both PS4 and PS5. It moves the franchise's signature blend of frenetic shooters to brand-new environments and is the biggest Borderlands game to date. But we'd argue Borderlands 2 is still the best of the series because of its superior comedic writing)

It Takes Two review

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2. It Takes Two

It Takes Two is an action-adventure platformer that is all about collaboration. You play as Cody and May, a married couple on the verge of divorce, who become trapped in their daughter’s hand-made dolls and must work together to find a way back to their human bodies.

This co-op-only experience won Game of the Year at the Game Awards 2021, which is a real testament to its inventive puzzles and the large variety of gameplay mechanics on offer. The story is a little flimsy, and one of the supporting characters is a huge irritant, but It Takes Two constantly surprises and delights with a large dose of pure fun. Plus, you only need a single copy to play through the whole game with a co-op partner which is a real bonus. 

Tekken 8 gameplay

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3. Tekken 8 

There's no quicker way to fall out with a friend or loved one than by beating the snot out of their sci-fi ninja avatar as an adorable panda. Tekken 8 may not exactly bring the whole family together through cooperative collaboration but it's significantly more fun fighting against somebody on the same couch than facing the computer-controlled AI or sparring online where a weak connection can abruptly ruin a bout.   

In reality, Tekken 8 probably isn't going to ruin any of your relationships (unless your loved ones taking gaming a little too seriously), but if you're looking for a competitive brawler to challenge those closest to you, Tekken 8 is perfect. Not only does it look downright glorious on current-gen consoles, but it also packs a deep roster of familiar characters and new faces. Plus, if you get bored of delivering a beat down in split screen there's a wealth of single-player content and additional modes to enjoy. 

The best split screen PS4 games: divinity original sin ii

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4. Divinity: Original Sin II

One of the best PS4 RPGs overall is also one of the best split-screen PS4 games. Don't forget, the first Divinity: Original Sin had couch co-op; you didn't really think the developers would take that feature away, did you? This RPG sequel — which received even more critical and fan acclaim than the first — casts you once again as a "Sourcerer," who can channel divine magic to become better combatants or cast fantastical spells.

This time, the player is in contact with a mysterious entity known as the "Godwoken," who guides him or her on a perilous quest across a broken land. There's adventure, intrigue and friendship — which is appropriate, since you can play the whole thing, start-to-finish, with two players, each of whom has a customized character to control. Since you’re not tethered to each other, you can each complete quests in the way you see fit.

The best split screen PS4 games: don't starve together

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5. Don't Starve Together

Don't Starve is one of the those games that tell you its fundamentals right up front. The premise of this relatively straightforward game is simple: Survive. You're dropped into a harsh world, in a place teaming with beasts, adverse weather conditions and hostile terrain, and you need to set about finding shelter and food, and eventually, weapons that will enable you to confront the monsters around you. 

The base game is a charming survive experience, but co-op focused Don't Starve Together lets you bring a companion into the mix. In theory this allows you to collect more resources, and gives you strength in numbers when faces the harsh natives of this strange place you've found yourself, but it also means an extra mouth to feed. 

You can try your luck with other players online, or keep it to just the two of you. There are three different modes to try, including a standard Survival mode, a more open-ended Wilderness mode and an Endless mode that’s more about exploration than challenge. As survival titles go, it’s one of the best split screen PS4 games.

The best split screen PS4 games: gran turismo sport

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6. Gran Turismo Sport

You can't write a list of split screen games and not include a racing title. Gran Turismo Sport is, first and foremost, a stunningly gorgeous game, featuring meticulous re-creations of more than 160 real-life cars and 17 imaginative racecourses. You’ll be able to drive some of the fastest cars around from companies like Aston Martin, BMW, Ferrari, Jaguar, Mercedes-Benz, Porsche and more. The racetracks will take you from California, to Belgium, to Austria, to Japan, to England and beyond.

Tight controls and a focus on realism should help racing-game aficionados and novices alike find something to suit their tastes. Beyond that, there's not too much to say; Gran Turismo Sport lets you race two digital cars against each other, very fast, just like you've been doing since the dawn of video games. And sometimes, that's all you need.

The best split screen PS4 games: plants vs. zombies garden warfare 2

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7. Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare 2

Finding a split-screen game that is suitable for younger players but still capable of holding the attention of a more experienced gamer at the same time, can be tough. But Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare 2 does an excellent job of appealing to both kids and adults alike. 

You take control of a collection of sentient plant life and must defend your garden from a horde of nasty zombies. However, unlike the original mobile game, Garden Warfare 2 isn't a tower defense game, instead it's a zany third-person shooter. But that's not to say it's all changed, the series' trademark silly humor is retained. 

Plants vs. Zombies Garden Warfare 2 also offers a large variety of ways to play, either competitively or cooperatively. And the more you play, the more cool stuff you'll unlock from new character classes to colorful cosmetic items. The game offers a campaign that can played in co-op, as well as a horde mode and online matches.

The best split screen PS4 games: rocket league

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8. Rocket League

Who could have imagined that "cars playing soccer" would have turned into one of the most popular video games of the last few years? (Well, The Simpsons anticipated it, but that show always knows the future.) Rocket League has turned a shockingly simple premise into one of the most beloved competitive sports(?) games on the market. There’s really not much to say about the gameplay: You drive cars and try to hit a ball into a net.

If you want to play some competitive split screen, simply load the game up on your PS4 and grab a second controller — and a third, and a fourth, if you want to make things really chaotic. Rocket League also has a robust esports scene, so who knows? Spend enough time practicing, and you may just get good enough to join the competitive ranks.

The best split screen PS4 games: star wars battlefront ii

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9. Star Wars Battlefront II

Star Wars Battlefront II is far from a perfect game. The campaign is thin, the multiplayer progression is all over the place and the game originally embraced annoying loot boxes. If you want split screen Star Wars action, though, the game can deliver that in spades. It’s one of the few Star Wars games that can, at the moment, since other Star Wars titles tend to be either single-player affairs or re-releases of classic games from the ‘90s and early 2000s.

You and one partner can load up the game's Arcade mode, and play cooperatively through a handful of the game's multiplayer maps, including a Rebel base on Yavin 4 and a First Order Star Destroyer. Arcade mode lets you unlock credits that can be used to unlock items in the game's online multiplayer mode, as a tempting extra incentive.

The best split screen PS4 games: resident evil 6

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10. Resident Evil 6

Full disclosure: Resident Evil 6 isn't a good game. In fact, it's kind of a bad game. But a) It's the kind of bad game that's entertaining in a train-wreck sort of way; b) It eschews the uncomfortable racism of Resident Evil 5; and c) It's one of the few ways to experience a cooperative split screen zombie-killing campaign on PS4. You’ll spend most of the game shooting zombies, exploring urban environments and solving a few rote puzzles, but at least it doesn’t take too much brainpower.

If you want something story-driven and action-packed, Resident Evil 6 (mostly) delivers, weaving together three stories about classic protagonists: Chris Redfield and Leon Kennedy as well as newcomer Jake Muller. At the very least, it's better than suffering through the campaign alone. Bonus points if you laugh at the ridiculousness together, Mystery Science Theater 3000-style.