Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 6 leak reveals the weight and size of this year’s foldable —and it's good news

Galaxy Z Fold 6 render
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We’re closing in on the launch of the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 6, which may be arriving a little earlier than usual if rumors are to be believed. So it’s no surprise that more detailed specs are starting to appear online, with IceUniverse revealing some key details over on X.

Not only does IceUniverse reveal possible dimensions, including thickness and weight, they’ve also corroborated rumors that the Galaxy Z Fold 6 Ultra will be arriving as well. Unfortunately, unlike its non-Ultra counterpart, there aren’t any more solid details on what this phone might look like. Not from IceUniverse at any rate. 

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So what sort of look can we expect from the Galaxy Z Fold 6? According to IceUniverse, the phone should have an unfolded thickness of 5.6mm and a folded thickness of 12.1mm. The Galaxy Z Fold 5 was 6.1mm and 13.4mm in its folded and unfolded state, which means we are getting a slimmer phone this year. It’s also pretty close to the Pixel Fold (5.8mm and 12.1mm) and the OnePlus Open (5.8mm and 11.7mm).

Weight is apparently 239 grams (8.43 ounces), which is also lighter than both the Z Fold 5 (253g/8.92 oz) and the Pixel Fold (283g/9/.98 oz). However it is exactly the same weight as the OnePlus Open.

Screen wise we’re apparently in store for an internal screen measuring 7.6-inches with a 7:6 aspect ratio. That means it’s closer to a square than the 21.6:18 Z Fold 5, though it’s not going to be quite as symmetrical as the 1.0758:1 OnePlus Open. It’s also going to be interesting to see how it compares to the 7.6-inch 6:5 screen inside the Pixel Fold. 

The cover display is apparently a 6.3-inch screen with 22:9 aspect ratio. Since the Z Fold 5 is a 6.2-inch screen at 23.1:9, we can probably expect the Z Fold 6 to be a little bit shorter and a little wider than its predecessor. Both screens will apparently get a boost to resolution, though it isn’t clear by how much. 

Rumors claim that the Galaxy Z Fold 6 will launch sometime in July, possibly to get ahead of the Paris Olympics in August. In the meantime you can keep up to date with all the latest news and rumors in our Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 6 hub.

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