Google One subscribers are getting some new perks for free — but there's a catch

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Google One subscribers have reported emails from Google informing them they are receiving access to Fitbit Premium and Nest Aware at no extra cost. Which is certainly a nice perk to have. However, it seems that — at present — this is only available to customers in the U.K.

One user on Reddit shared the contents of the email confirming a Fitbit Premium subscription with "all the benefits, including personalized health insights, 1000+ guided workout videos, and more" at no extra cost. The email also stated any previous Fitbit Premium membership was canceled with only one bill coming, plus a refund for any remaining time on the membership. 

The email then goes on to mention there's "more to come", although we get no mention of what the future plans may be.

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Another report has shown a user with a 2TB subscription to Google One getting Nest Aware. Apparently, according to one comment, subscribers are receiving the base Nest Aware plan and have the option to get Nest Aware Plus as an “Add-on”. 

The Redditor who posted the picture went on to claim they had never used Nest products before, so it seems users will receive Nest Aware either way, although there is no certainty on if this will increase the price or if it can be opted out of.

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Currently Fitbit Premium costs £7.99 per month, and £79.99 annually, in the U.K. Meanwhile, U.S. audiences have the same annual cost, but monthly payments are higher at $9.99. The plan offers users detailed insights into their health, as well as better health metrics, online workout plans, and other features. 

Meanwhile, Nest Aware in the U.K. has a base plan cost of £8 per month with an annual cost of £80, and the same is true in the U.S. The service will give users up to 30 days of event history, making it easier to check older recordings. If British readers want both services at an annual cost, you'll be looking at £159.99 a year — which is quite a cost. 

Google offering these additional features certainly came as a surprise, but a pleasant one and it certainly comes as an added benefit for subscribers. While this deal is currently locked to the U.K., we can only hope it comes to the U.S. and other worldwide markets soon.

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