I bought the Beats Fit Pro — and I actually like them better than AirPods Pro 2

Our reviewing testing comfort and fit on the Beats Fit Pro
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I didn't realize how bad my wireless earbuds were until I reviewed the iPhone 14 Pro. Apple sent me a pair of AirPods Pro 2 to try out with the phone and I quickly fell in love. In fact, I took those AirPods everywhere. Walks, the grocery store, chilling in my house, you name it, those AirPods came along. 

But as I prepared myself to send them back, I despaired at returning to my inferior TicPods Free. Those AirPods stuck with me through countless hours of podcasts, audiobooks, and music. I'm no audiophile, but I was certainly happy with the AirPods Pro 2's sound quality and noise cancellation. 

However, the $249 price tag made me choke a bit and I knew I'd never convince my wife to agree on me buying them, especially since my TicPods still worked. But as you do, I received some money for Christmas and then an AirPods alternative presented itself.

I saw the Beats Fit Pro appear on sale by happy chance. I found them listed for $159 on Amazon and grew curious. So I started my research. Everything I came across said positive things about these earbuds, so I dug into direct comparisons with the AirPods Pro 2, including our own AirPods Pro 2 vs. Beats Fit Pro face-off.

The Beats Fit Pro propped atop its charging case

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Even though the AirPods received more praise in most cases, there was almost a $100 difference between the two. (I saw that Apple temporarily knocked the AirPods price down shortly after I made my purchase, but I have no regrets.) I couldn't justify that, which would leave me a lot worse for wear when it came to my out of pocket costs. So I pulled the trigger and ordered the Beats.

My biggest complaint about the AirPods Pro 2 was that they just wouldn't stay in my ears. I sweat a lot, including in my ears, so pencil-style buds have always been a problem. The first thing I noticed about the Beats Fit Pro was that they fit in my ears near perfectly — and they stayed there. Even while running, I had no trouble. I was ecstatic.

These Beats Fit Pro have easily slid into the AirPods Pro 2's place in my life. They go with me everywhere, even on quick Target runs. In fact, my only complaint is that the case does not support wireless charging like the AirPods. But at least it uses USB-C to charge, for which I'm very thankful considering that I keep a single Lightning cable in my house. And that lives in my backpack for traveling.

Spatial Audio running on the Beats Fit Pro

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Although I find that the Beats' noise canceling isn't as strong as the AirPods', it's still good enough to drown out most of the noises that bother me. As an individual sensitive to sound, earplugs and ANC are a must for me. I'd rather not get a migraine from a sudden high frequency noise while out and about. Plus, the Beats block out my wife's cat howling at me early in the morning for his breakfast.

In no way do I regret purchasing the Beats Fit Pro, despite my Christmas money only covering half of the cost. As usual with products like this, I had battery life concerns. The Beats' longevity is more than good enough for me.

I wish the charging case was as compact as the AirPods Pro 2's. But the earbuds' design is wholly different than Apple's other premium product, so I don't think on it too much. The case still fits in my pocket or satchel without a problem.

Would I recommend the Beat Fit Pro as an AirPods Pro 2 alternative? Having used both extensively without much audio knowledge or experience, yes — if budget or staying in your ears are concerns. I think the AirPods are a superior audio product, but not without their drawbacks.

I love the Beats Fit Pro. I'm rarely without them when I walk out my front door, and they even go with me throughout the house. Once I get back to a traditional gym, they'll come along for that, too. This was my best purchase in 2022.

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