You can now buy WD-40 in a Precision Pen — and I love it

WD-40 in a Precision Pen
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No self-respecting homeowner should be without one (or several) canisters of WD-40. It’s the go-to solution for loosening rusted bolts and screws on cars and bikes, and for fixing just about anything that squeaks (despite it not actually being a very good long term lubricant).

While you may have stockpiles of the stuff in your home, garage, shed and — quite possibly — glovebox, it’s not always been the most portable DIY product. How many times have you caught a whiff of WD-40 after the canister has leaked onto your chair/carpet/pet?

I’m here to tell you: that problem is at an end. Because you can now buy WD-40 in a Tide-style Precision Pen. Seriously. It’s $12.75 on Amazon right now for a pack of three.

In the interests of full transparency, I haven’t yet tested one of these pens, so I can’t say exactly how useful it is in the real world. But I love the idea.

According to the product description, you use the Precision Pen by pressing down to initiate the flow of lubricant: “Press quickly to dispense a small amount of formula or press longer for a steady, controlled flow.”

There has been plenty of debate in the Tom’s Guide office over whether or not a WD-40 pen is merited, or whether the real effect can only be achieved by using the stuff in aerosol form with a long-range spray nozzle.

However, having WD-40 in a small, easily-transportable form has a lot to recommend it as far as I’m concerned. And here’s the official video showing some of the ways it can be used:

If you’ve ever wondered, the WD in WD-40 stands for water displacement — the product is a blend of lubricants as well as anti-corrosion agents. This blend is what makes it a great all-rounder for tackling a variety of tasks. However, there are actually plenty of places where you shouldn’t use WD-40 because it can end up doing more harm than good. Here’s the full list of 7 places to never use WD-40. You’ll be surprised.

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