Yellowstone getting another spin-off series — and it’s set in a new time period

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Paramount Plus is betting big on the Dutton family. The streamer just confirmed (via Entertainment Weekly) that the Yellowstone universe is set to expand even further with a new spin off series called 1932 in the works. 

This companion series will follow a new generation of the Dutton clan in a period fraught with challenges against a backdrop of western expansion, prohibition and the Great Depression. No information has been given on exactly which members of the family the series will follow, but either way we’re excited to see the world of Yellowstone fleshed out even further. 

Avid viewers will know that 1932 isn’t the first Yellowstone spin-off. 1883 hit Paramount Plus last year, and is currently in the middle of its first season with new episodes dropping weekly. The Tim McGraw lead spin off is an origin story of sorts, exploring how the Dutton family came to own the land that ultimately becomes the Yellowstone Ranch. 

Alongside confirming 1932, Paramount also announced plans for more 1883. It’s not currently known whether this means a full second season or if its first collection of episodes will be increased; the former seems far more likely. 

Yellowstone season 4 wrapped up last month, and was something of a ratings monster for Paramount. It’s no surprise that the network is using the interest surrounding the show to boost the popularity of its Paramount Plus streaming service. As it stands, 1883 is one of the service's few original hits, so subscribers will surely be thrilled with the news that an additional spin off on the way. 

Chris McCarthy, President of Paramount’s parent company, ViacomCBS, released a statement alongside the announcement of 1932, he said: “With the brilliant mind and gifted storytelling of Taylor Sheridan, we have created an entirely new world to explore with 1883 while expanding ‘Yellowstone,’ and with 1932 we will open up a new chapter in this rapidly growing universe."

McCarthy was also keen to stress the importance of franchising popular properties in order to “drive record growth for both streaming and linear properties.”  As such, it doesn’t look like Paramount has any plans to slow the expansion of the Yellowstone universe any time soon.

Rory Mellon
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