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Microsoft has just announced what will be included in the June Xbox Update and it’s been confirmed that the Xbox Series X will be getting one of the most useful PS5 features — achievement-hunters are going to love this one. 

The Xbox latest system update, which will also be available on the Xbox Series S and Xbox One, will allow users to reveal the details of hidden achievements. So, if you’re scrolling through a game’s achievement list and come across one marked as “secret” you’re no longer required to search the internet for details. 

This system update is currently rolling out, but once installed you can press a button and the title, description and Gamerscore will be instantly displayed. Sony enabled this feature for trophies on the PS4 back in 2016, and it has been available on PS5 since its launch. The Xbox family of consoles has been long overdue this upgrade. 

Of course, just revealing the details of a secret achievement doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll have all the information required to unlock it. You may still have to turn to an online walkthrough for the more cryptic ones, but being able to instantly see the details of a secret Achievement is useful nevertheless and we’re glad to see it finally come to Xbox. 

It’s not just Xbox consoles that are getting this new feature either. The Xbox Wire post notes that “you can reveal secret achievements anywhere you like to play and track your achievements,” this includes on Xbox consoles, on the Xbox app for Android and iOS, or via the Game Bar on a PC. 

As noted, the feature is currently being rolled out. But at the time of writing, we are still unable to reveal hidden Achievements on an Xbox Series X console. However, we have been able to download the update on the Xbox app. So, below is a quick guide to revealing hidden Achievements via the Xbox app on iOS, doing it on console should follow roughly the same steps. 

How to reveal hidden Achievements on the Xbox app 

1. Open up a game's achievement list via the My Library section of the Xbox app 

How to reveal hidden Achievements on the Xbox app

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2. Find a Secret Achievement from within the achievement list

How to reveal hidden Achievements on the Xbox app

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3. Click the Reveal button to see the full Achievement details  

How to reveal hidden Achievements on the Xbox app

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