Xbox Series X could get this big price drop in Black Friday deal

Xbox Series X next to TV on entertainment center with Black Friday deal tag
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If you’ve been tempted by the Xbox Series X but have been put off by its price tag, a new leak suggests good news for your change purse.

According to X leaker billbil-kun, Microsoft’s flagship console will receive a significant price drop around Black Friday 2023 (thanks, NotebookCheck). The slight caveat is said drop may only apply to European countries, where the console currently retails for €549 but is likely to drop to €449 if the leaker’s info is on the money. 

Udpate: billbil-kun is back grinding away at the rumor mill, and is now suggesting Xbox Series X could get an even bigger discount during Black Friday 2023 season. He's now reporting Microsoft will slash the price of its console to just €399 in France, also throwing in a €10 loyalty card to essentially cut the high-end machine to €389 (once again, thanks NotebookCheck).

In cheerier news if you’re reading this in a non-EU country, billbil-kun predicts the Xbox Series S may also receive corresponding discounts in the US and the UK. Currently, you can buy the Xbox Series X for $488 at Amazon. Meanwhile, in good old Blighty, the console is (at time of writing) briefly being sold at a decent discount. Right now, you can pick up an Xbox Series X for £410 at Amazon UK, down from its usual £480 price tag.

Does this mean we’re going to see Microsoft’s most powerful Xbox suddenly be slashed by $100 / $100 in the US and UK? That seems optimistic, but with Black Friday deals, you never know.

If Xbox Series X briefly went on sale during Black Friday 2023 for around $380 / £350 that’s an absolute no-brainer as a must-buy if you’re into video games in the teeniest bit. Again, I doubt we’ll see Microsoft drop its high-end Xbox to such aggressive price points either side of the Atlantic, but then again, who knows? Under the solid stewardship of Phil Spencer, it’s become clear The Big M’s main priority is to get to people playing its games regardless of the hardware involved.

Seeing as you can currently enjoy the likes of Starfield and Forza Motorsport on both PC (provided you have an Xbox Game Pass Ultimate sub) and cloud gaming services, it wouldn’t be the biggest shocker to see Microsoft slash the price of its main machine.

In a climate where Xbox as a brand seems less and less tied to the physical gaming hardware The House of Bill manufactures, a cut-throat Black Friday discount makes some sense, especially considering the market lead PS5 currently holds over Xbox Series X.

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