Xbox Series S toaster reportedly launching this year — yes, really

An Xbox Series X in white, with a white controller on top, both set out on a wooden TV stand next to a television.
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If you’ve ever felt the fatal flaw of the Xbox Series S is its inability to toast slices of bread then you’re in luck as a toaster shaped like the entry-level Xbox console is reportedly in the works and set to launch later this year. 

The novelty toaster will be modeled after the Xbox Series S console and appears to have leaked via French gaming outlet Xbox Squad (spotted by VGC). According to the site, it will cost €60 ($64) and offer three individual toasting models. It’ll also pack anti-jamming features and a removable crumb tray, with the ability to toast two slices of bread at once. 

You might be thinking this is a very early April Fool's joke, but Microsoft does have some experience in this area. Last year, the company created the Xbox Series X mini fridge. As the name would suggest, the refrigerator is styled after the flagship Xbox console and can hold up to 12 cans of drink. It even sports a USB port for charging your controller in between play sessions. The Xbox Series X mini fridge costs $100 and is still available to buy at Target

Of course, the Xbox Series X mini fridge came about after various internet memes poked fun at the console’s striking resemblance to the common household item. Whereas, the idea that the Xbox Series S looks like a toaster is not one that has ever gained much traction from what I can tell. If anything, I’d argue the console looks more like a Bluetooth speaker or a vinyl turntable due to its white shell and large black circular vent.

Nevertheless, if you’ve spent the last few months wishing you had an Xbox Series S toaster to sit alongside your Xbox Series X mini fridge, your wish may soon be granted. Although, it’s important to note that as of yet, the licensed product has not been officially confirmed by Microsoft. So we’d advise holding onto your current toaster for now, just in case this is all revealed to be a very strange hoax. 

In the meantime, we await to see how Microsoft's main gaming rivals respond to this killer move in the neverending console war. Maybe Sony will release a PS5 Air Fryer in order to compete, or perhaps a Nintendo Switch cheese grater is in the works. 

However, if Sony and Nintendo are going to challenge Microsoft in the novelty merchandise space, will they’ll need to strike fast because the same outlet suggests that the tech giant won't be finished with the Xbox Series S toaster. Xbox-themed Ramen Bowls are also reportedly on the way. 

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