Windows 10 update to kill this feature — what you need to know

Windows 10 update
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An upcoming Windows 10 update will see Microsoft remove a potentially under-utilized feature — the “Shake to Minimize” function — though its decision will risk raising the ire of some users.

According to Windows Latest, internal notes referenced in the latest preview build of Windows 10 show that Microsoft will continue to remove some of its underused features, with “Aero Shake” becoming the latest to be cut.

As it stands, the feature allows you to immediately minimize all open windows to the taskbar by left-clicking on a program window and shaking the cursor back-and-forth. 

The feature may appeal to those who wish to make their workspace a bit neater by clearing out unnecessarily opened tabs — and those users would be annoyed to see the feature they rely on go away. Others, however, will not miss the fact that you can accidentally trigger the feature by simply dragging the window while performing mouse movements that look similar to “shaking the tab”. You might, for example, just have a jittery hand.

Some, though, like software engineer Rafael Rivera, are already quite excited about the news:

The “Aero Shake” function has been included in Microsoft’s operating system since Windows 7, though it’s likely that not many users have been aware of its existence. 

Instead, the majority would likely opt to use the Windows + M shortcut to minimize all tabs to achieve similar results. It should be noted that unlike “Aero Shake,” there are currently no other shortcuts that can allow users to minimize all but one specific program window to the taskbar.

In the current build of Windows 10, users have the option to disable the feature manually using the Group Policy Editor or Windows Registry Editor, although it’s not the most straightforward task. 

Update plans are still subject to change, but the feature is expected to be deactivated some time next year. 

Windows Latest also reports that Microsoft plans to make its pre-installed Snipping Tool optional in the new year. Microsoft first confirmed back in 2018 that the legacy Snipping Tool would be scrapped in favor of its more modern “Snip & Sketch” feature.

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