Vizio 2021 TV lineup: Quantum dot, voice control, improved SmartCast and more

Vizio 2021 TV lineup
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Vizio's entire line is getting a revamp for 2021, from the compact D-Series to the premium P-Series Quantum X, with big updates to software and functionality that offer a real improvement over last year's models. From expanded features like variable refresh rates and a voice-enabled remote, the entire lineup of new Vizio TVs will look and feel better, with better app support, more capable smart functions and the same budget-conscious sensibilities that keep Vizio in competition among the best TVs you can buy.

The only TV that hasn't had an upgrade announced is the Vizio OLED TV, but it remains one of the best deals in the TV world, so Vizio is probably safe letting it ride without more than a software update.

Editor's Note: June 2, 2021 Vizio has reached out to clarify that, while these new TVs are being announced and launched in 2021, they are officially known as the Vizio 2022 line.

Vizio P-Series Quantum and P-Series Quantum X

Vizio P-Series TVs

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Vizio's premium P-Series Quantum and Quantum X TV's are getting a number of updates. With the P-Series Quantum coming in the 65- and 75-inch screen sizes and the P-Series Quantum X available exclusively in an 85-inch model the QLED-enhanced smart TVs offer a lot of features you'll definitely want.

With up to 1200 nits of brightness and as many as 210 discrete dimming zones, picture quality has been enhanced with better contrast and tighter backlight control, for improved HDR performance as well as a more vibrant picture overall. Vizio claims that the new P-Series models offer up to 85% of the Rec 2020 color range, which significantly exceeds both the P3 wide color gamut and the more standard Rec 709 color space that we use in the majority of our TV testing.

Gaming enhancements abound, with HDMI 2.1 support and features like variable refresh rates (VRR) and auto low latency mode (ALLM), as well as AMD FreeSync Premium, an adaptive sync technology that goes above and beyond variable refresh rates to include HDR support and wider color gamut while still delivering higher frame rates. And even with all that going on, Vizio promises the P-Series can deliver TVs with lag time as low as 7 milliseconds, making them ideal gaming TVs.

Other enhancements to the P-Series line include an anti-glare screen that should cut down reflectivity from ambient light, as well as an IPS panel on the 75-in model that offers wider viewing angles. This is all on top of Vizio's latest IQ Ultra processor, the latest updates to Vizio SmartCast software, and the addition of the new Vizio voice remote.

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Vizio P-Series Quantum & P-Series Quantum X
Model numberScreen sizePrice
P65Q9-J65 inches$1,399.99
P75Q9-J75 inches$2,199.99
P85QX-J85 inchesTBA

The Vizio P-Series QUantum offers a 65-inch model for $1,399 and a 75-inch model for $2,199. The Vizio P-Series Quantum X is limited to the 85-inch model, but pricing and availability have not been announced yet.

Vizio M-Series

Vizio M-Series TVs

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Many of the enhancements offered on Vizio's premium P-Series models are included in the more affordable M-Series as well. The Vizio M-Series includes quantum dot technology for better color and brightness, as well as Vizio's latest IQ Active processor. Available in sizes ranging from 50-inches up to 75-inches, the MQ6 and MQ7 models offer up to 700 nits of brightness, with as many as 32 dimming zones for excellent HDR performance.

Gaming also gets a boost with AMD FreeSync along with HDMI 2.1 features such as variable refresh rates and auto low latency mode.

Finally, the Vizio M-Series includes a height adjustable stand that can accommodate a soundbar underneath the TV, and that stand also doubles as a mounting bracket for a soundbar when the TV is wall mounted.

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Vizio M-Series
Model numberScreen sizePrice
M43Q6-J43 inches$399.99
M50Q6-J50 inches$529.99
M55Q6-J55 inches$579.99
M65Q6-J65 inches$679.99
M70Q6-J70 inches$849.99
M75Q6-J75 inches$999.99
M50Q7-J50 inches$749.99
M55Q7-J55 inches$799.99
M58Q7-J58 inches$829.99
M65Q7-J65 inches$899.99
M70Q7-J70 inches$1,199.99
M75Q7-J75 inches$1,399.99

The Vizio M-Series is available in two separate model lines, the MQ6 series and the MQ7 line. The MQ7 can deliver up to 700 nits of peak brightness from a full array backlight, with as many as 32 dimming zones. While that's nowhere near what more premium TVs offer, it's a big step up from TVs in the same budget range that only have undifferentiated backlight – like the less expensive MQ6 uses.

The more affordable MQ6 models start at $399 for a 43-inch screen size, and top out at a 75-inch model that sells for $999. The MQ7 is slightly more expensive, starting at $749 for the 55-inch model and scaling up to $1,399 for the 75-inch version.

Vizio V-Series

Vizio V-Series TVs

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The value-focused Vizio V-Series may not have all the bells and whistles, but there's still lots of love in this affordable category. With screen sizes ranging from 43 inches up to 75 inches, the Vizio V-Series offers a 4K smart TV with a decent feature set given the low price. Dolby Vision HDR support is included, with a full array backlight offering decent brightness, but no localized dimming. HDMI 2.1 features such as variable refresh rates are joined by AMD FreeSync support, making it a good choice for an affordable gaming TV.

The V-Series is also getting a brushed aluminum finish, which updates the basic plastic construction used on older models. Finally, the V-Series will also have Vizio's new voice remote, complete with a push to talk button on the remote that prevents false positives and unwanted recording.

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Vizio V-Series
Model numberScreen sizePrice
V435-J43 inches$339.99
V505-J50 inches$399.99
V555-J55 inches$499.99
V585-J58 inches$529.99
V655-J65 inches$599.99
V705-J70 inches$699.99
V755-J75 inches$899.99
V706-J70 inches$749.99
V756-J75 inches$919.99

The Vizio V-Series offers the most budget-friendly line of 4K smart TVs in the 2022 lineup, starting at just $339 for the 43-inch model.

Vizio D-Series

Vizio D-Series TVs

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Vizio's most budget-friendly line of smart TVs is the Vizio d series, which comes in 24, 32, 40, and 43-inch sizes in 720 and 1080p resolutions. These compact TVs may not have full 4K resolution, but they do include Vizio's smart cast software, complete with the full app lineup, as well as Vizio's latest IQ processor.

The Vizio D3 makes up the bulk of the new D-Series models, but the Vizio D4 boasts a bezel-less design available in 24 and 32-inch sizes, making it perfect for those smallest corners of the house.

Finally, the D-Series also offers VRR and AMD FreeSync, making them great gaming TVs when 4K resolution is not a must-have.

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Vzio D-Series
Model numberScreen sizePrice
D24h-J24 inches$139.99
D24f-J24 inches$159.99
D24f4-J24 inches$169.99
D32h-J32 inches$179.99
D32f-J32 inches$219.99
D32f4-J32 inches$229.99
D40f-J40 inches$249.99
D43f-J43 inches$299.99

The compact Vizio D-Series models start at 24 inches, selling for $139, up to a 43-inch model that sells for $249. The result makes for some of the smallest smart TVs on the market, as well as the most affordable TVs you can buy – provided you don't need 4K resolution.

Vizio SmartCast

The latest version of Vizio's SmartCast Smart TV software is the best version yet to grace Vizio TVs. It offers more local app support, especially popular apps such as Netflix, Amazon prime video, and newer apps like Disney Plus and Apple TV.

New apps recently added to SmartCast include Fox Now, the CW, and Peacock. Vizio also boasts that SmartCast includes some of the best free content available, with free channels available from Pluto TV, Hallmark, Newsie, Tastemade, and other content providers.

SmartCast also has Google Chromecast built in, as well as Apple AirPlay support. These options make it easy to cast content from your phone to the TV, and offer expanded app support for those services not already supported on the TV. If you can enjoy it on your phone, you can get it on your Vizio TV through Chromecast and AirPlay.

Vizio Voice Remote

Vizio voice remote

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Perhaps the biggest change coming to Vizio TVs in the 2022 line is the move to the new Vizio voice remote on the V, M and P-Series TVs. 

The new remote has a sleeker, less cluttered look. Number buttons have been removed, the directional pad has been shifted to a more comfortable position, and navigation through the SmartCast system should be far more intuitive. The biggest enhancement however, is the addition of voice interaction, with a microphone built into the remote for content search and command of basic functions.

If you're not interested in speaking into the remote like an old CB microphone, you can also pair your Vizio TV with any current Amazon or Google smart speaker setup, giving you the same content search and voice control options hands-free.

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  • husky91
    TrustedReviews says that the 2021 Vizio V series does NOT have VRR. This article states, regarding the 2021 V series, "HDMI 2.1 features such as variable refresh rates are joined by AMD FreeSync support, making it a good choice for an affordable gaming TV. " I'm hopeful that I'll be able to get a 43" AMD FreeSync TV for $339, but I'm not sure. The M-series 43" FreeSync TV for $399 is a good value as well, but I'd rather pay less :)