Verizon introduces MyPlan unlimited data bundles — here's how much you can save

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Verizon has unveiled a new customer plans program called MyPlan, an update to its mix-and-match system with an eye toward streamlining the number of family cell phone plans for unlimited data. At the same time, MyPlan — which is available this Thursday (May 18), expands the add-on options available through Verizon Wireless accounts.

MyPlan has two starting points: the Unlimited Welcome 5G data plan or the Unlimited Plus 5G Ultra Wideband data plan, with different prices per line depending on the number of lines needed for your family. From there, customers can choose from up to 9 add-ons, all priced at $10 per month. The add-ons range from Verizon service extras to services from third-party companies, such as Disney and Apple.

The monthly fee per add-on lowers the cost of the given service if it were accessed independently of the Verizon MyPlan. Depending on the add-on, the savings range from $5 to $25 each month. Verizon estimates that families of customers can save, on average, $50 to $60 per month using the MyPlan Verizon phone plan.

What’s more, the add-ons can be adjusted month-to-month. So, if you’re traveling, you can pay the $10 add-on fee for 3 TravelPass days and cancel when you get home. Or say there’s nothing in a coming month that you want to watch in the Disney Plus bundle (Disney Plus, ESPN Plus and Hulu) — you can take a break and save money. 

For those Verizon customers who have a basic Apple One plan, it could be worthwhile to move your Apple One payment to your Verizon plan. You'll save $7 per month for access to Apple TV Plus, Apple Arcade and more.

And like the existing Do More plan, Unlimited Plus customers can save 50% on one data line per month for either a connected tablet or smartwatch. Many of the best tablets and best smartwatches have cellular data support for staying connected while mobile, after all.

Here is the entire list of $10 add-ons available at the launch of MyPlan: 

  • 100GB Mobile hotspot
  • Disney Bundle (hulu, Disney Plus, ESPN Plus)
  • Walmart+ Membership
  • Apple One
  • Apple Music Family
  • 2TB Cloud Storage
  • Smartwatch Data and Safety
  • 3 TravelPass Days
  • +play monthly credit

When it comes to the best phone carriers and best cell phone plans, Verizon typically ranks high. Whether this new MyPlan resonates with customers is yet to be seen, but the flexible bundling and money savings certainly sound worthwhile.  

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