Verizon just added free Disney Plus to its unlimited prepaid plans

Disney Plus
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One of the best streaming services is now included as a perk with Verizon's prepaid plans offering unlimited data — a rare instance where a streaming service is offered as a bonus for one of the best prepaid phone plans.

Verizon says customers who sign up for either the prepaid Unlimited or Unlimited Plus plans are eligible for a complimentary Disney Plus subscription. Customers get a redemption code that they can use to redeem the Disney Plus offer.

Verizon's prepaid unlimited plans start at $65/month for Unlimited and $75/month for Unlimited Plus. Autopay enrollment knocks $5 off that fee each month, and if you stick with Verizon prepaid for more than three months, you can save another $5. At the 10-month mark, your rate goes down an additional $5, so you end up paying as little as $50 to $60 a month for one of Verizon's unlimited prepaid plans.

That's still more than what other prepaid providers charge for their best unlimited data plans. Verizon-owned Visible's unlimited plan costs $40/month for a single line of data, while Mint Mobile charges just $30 when you pay for a year of service in advance. But neither of those plans come with a free streaming service like the Verizon prepaid unlimited options now do.

There are limits to Verizon's streaming generosity, though. The free Disney Plus subscription only lasts for six months. Contrast that with Verizon's more expensive postpaid unlimited plans like the $80/month 5G Play More plan, which includes the entire Disney bundle (where Hulu and ESPN Plus join Disney Plus) with no expiration for as long as you keep the plan. That's why we consider the 5G Play More option to be one of the best Verizon phone plans you can get.

Verizon prepaid unlimited data plans: Plans start at $65/month

Verizon prepaid unlimited data plans: Plans start at $65/month
Get either the $65 Unlimited or $75 Unlimited Plus prepaid plan from Verizon, and you're eligible for six free months of Disney Plus. Autopay discounts knock $5 off your monthly rate, and Verizon offers further reductions the longer you stick with one of its prepaid plans.

Still, compared to other prepaid options, even six months of Disney Plus through Verizon's prepaid unlimited plans is a lot more than what other carriers offer. Cricket customers who sign up for that service's unlimited data plan can get the ad-support tier of HBO Max as part of their $60/month service, and Metro by T-Mobile's $60 monthly unlimited plan includes an Amazon Prime membership with access to Amazon Prime video. But that's about it in terms of streaming services perks for phone plans.

Both of Verizon's unlimited prepaid plans also include 5G coverage through Verizon's nationwide network. The more expensive Unlimited Plus plan gives you access to Ultra Wideband 5G coverage where that faster service is available as well. Verizon's Unlimited prepaid plan subscribers can add mobile hotspot for an extra $5 each month, while unlimited 5G Ultra Wideband mobile hotspot data comes with Unlimited Plus.

People often turn to prepaid plans as a way to save money from the more expensive postpaid options that wireless carrier offer. Verizon's unlimited prepaid options are on the pricier end of the scale but a Disney Plus subscription — even just six months of one — may help make those plans more attractive.

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