This strange show just crashed the Netflix Top 10 list

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For centuries humanity has grappled with unexplained mysteries and many of these burning questions seem destined to remain forever unanswered. But that isn’t stopping this Netflix show, narrated by William Shatner, from trying to unravel these bizarre phenomena. 

The UnXplained with Willian Shatner attempts to tackle some of the strangest and most mystifying questions known to man. These range from how the pyramids were built, and for what purpose, to whether there is an afterlife or not. The show also investigates some of the most haunted places in the world and questions whether practices like exorcism and voodoo could be more than the stuff of horror movies. 

The documentary series also investigates the world of deadly cults, catastrophic premonitions, lost civilizations and animals with unexplainable abilities. And all of this is just the tip of the iceberg. It’s fair to say that The UnXplained covers an awful lot of ground, some of it not particularly solid either. If you’re a fan of unraveling conspiracy theories then you definitely need to watch this show. 

Originally aired on the History Channel back in 2019, the first season of The UnXplained just hit Netflix and has rocketed straight into the streamer’s Top 10 most-watched list. It’s currently sitting at number six, but could climb even higher in the coming days especially if Netflix adds additional episodes soon. Based on the show’s early success on the platform it’s very likely that Netflix will look to get more episodes available to subscribers as soon as possible 

While Netflix subscribers are binge-watching the first 16 episodes, The UnXplained just wrapped up its fourth season on History Channel this month with an episode dedicated to the search for King Arthur. To date, there has been no confirmation of a fifth season, but it's early days yet. 

The show is currently comprised of 53 total episodes, but there are still hundreds of real-world mysteries to uncover and baffling phenomena to attempt to explain. A renewal seems very possible, and the chances of the show returning will almost certainly be boosted by the additional interest Netflix has generated. 

So, if you’re looking for something new to watch that is a little bit different then The UnXplained may be exactly what you’ve been after. Fair warning, the show doesn’t really offer up a lot of concrete answers, but if you can just enjoy the sense of mystery, then you’ll likely be hooked by this strangely watchable series. 

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