This $3,000 door opens automatically when your dog needs to whiz

myQ Pet Portal
(Image credit: Charmberlain)

I have an older very good boy who, due to his age, sometimes wakes me up in the middle of the night to let him outside so he can relieve himself. He'll come to the side of the bed and whimper in my face until I groggily trudge downstairs and open the door. I then have to wait until he does his business, sometimes dawdling before he comes back in and I can go to bed. 

The myQ Pet Portal, introduced at CES 2021, is an innovative but expensive solution to that problem. This door, which starts at $2,999, has a smaller door that slides open and shut automatically when your pet wants to go in or out. 

myQ Pet Portal

(Image credit: Chamberlain)

The sliding, elevator-style door it triggered via a sensor on your dog's collar; as your pup approaches the door, it will open and the automatically close; the company says that it should close quickly enough to not allow other animals to sneak in or out.  

Additionally, cameras let you monitor who's using the door, and two-way audio lets you hear and talk to whomever or whatever you see. Pet owners can monitor the comings and goings via an app (of course) and set restrictions on when the door will open. The door is large enough to accommodate dogs (or cats, I suppose) from 10 up to 90 pounds, so unfortunately it's probably not big enough for your Great Dane. 

Chamberlain, the company behind the Pet Portal, made its name with garage door openers; its myQ smart garage door opener is currently our top pick among the best smart garage door openers. For the Pet Portal, it partnered with Kolbe Windows & Doors.

The door will be available in a variety of finishes and styles, and is intended to replace a rear door in your house — one that leads to a closed-in yard, hopefully. The company says while the price of the door may seem high, dog owners spend easily that much — if not more — for a dog walker. So, for when you do go back to an office eventually, you can use the myQ Pet Portal rather than paying for a dog walker. Of course, your dog will miss out on socializing with other canines, as well as getting to stretch his paws with a walk around the park, but that's on you. 

The myQ Pet Portal will be available for pre-orders starting today (1/11) and will be available for delivery starting in the Spring. 

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