Stunning Apple Watch 6 design reveals the bezel-free smartwatch we really want

Apple Watch 6 concept
(Image credit: Conepts iPhone)

The Apple Watch 6 is tipped to have the same design as its predecessor, but a concept design created by ConceptsiPhone shows what a next-generation Apple Watch could look like if Cupertino’s engineers did some tweaking. 

And those tweaks would involve shaving off the bezels of the Apple Watch 6’s display, allowing the digital watch face to run-edge-to-edge. It’s a simple concept but one that takes the already successful Apple Watch design and neatly evolves it. 

ConceptsiPhone’s renders show how the display could very gently curve around the edges of the Apple Watch 6’s body, creating a bezel-less display that allows the watch face to look a lot more dramatic than it does on the Apple Watch Series 5, which has noticeable bezels that somewhat squash the screen.

Apple Watch 6 concept

(Image credit: Concepts iPhone)

The design looks like it draws inspiration from the curved edges of leading smartphone display, such as those on the Galaxy S20 and OnePlus 8 Pro. And creating bezel-eating displays seems to be a bit of a trend in the tech world with phones and laptops attempting to sport screens with very narrow or non-existent bezels.

Aside from the bezel-less display, this concept design doesn’t really change anything else with the familiar Apple Watch design. The body is still a rounded square and the Digital Crown is also kept to the top-right edge of the smartwatch. 

And that’s not a bad thing, as the Apple Watch is a decent looking smartwatch and its user interface fits very nearly into the square face. Previous Apple Watch 6 concept designs have shown what a round Apple Watch could look like and they’re undeniably slick. But it would require Apple to then go back and rework watchOS, which isn’t something we can see it doing for a while. 

Apple Watch 6 bezel free concept

(Image credit: Concepts iPhone)

Apple has rather predictably kept tight-lipped about what to expect from its next smartwatch, but the leaks so far have pointed toward improved capabilities, like being able to detect blood oxygen levels, improved sleep tracking, and better detect stress. The Apple Watch 6 is also expected to have an on-body optical sensor and improved performance. 

There’s also an outside chance the Apple Watch 6 could have a microLED display, aimed at delivering a slimmer chassis and a more power-efficient screen. But that’s probably not likely to happen until the Apple Watch 7. 

Apple tends to announce its new wearables around September timeframe. But one rumor has Apple pushing its iPhone 12 event to October. So if an Apple Watch 6 is in the works, we’d expect to get the officially unveiling at the same time. 

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