Sling Free offers free TV shows and movies: How to get it

Sling Free
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Happy hour is turning into happy days thanks to Sling Free. Sling TV is rolling out a new free TV streaming service with more than 5,000 shows and movies. Yes, completely free — users don't even need to register or enter credit card information.

Sling TV is already one of the best streaming services and best cable TV alternatives in the market. The company previously had a Happy Hour deal that opened up the service for free viewing every night. But now, the new Sling Free package will compete with other free streaming services like Pluto, Tubi and the new Amazon Fire TV Free hub. 

The ad-supported Sling Free has many of the same shows and movies that can be found on the other free streaming services, including popular titles like Hell's Kitchen and Forensic Files. And Sling Free can be used on many major streaming devices.

Here's a guide to Sling Free and what it offers.

Sling Free

Sling Free lets you watch thousands of TV shows and movies for free — truly, completely, absolutely free. You don't even need to enter an email address or credit card information. And you can watch Sling Free as much and often as you want.

Sling Free: How does it work?

Sling Free gives users free, ad-supported access to thousands of shows and movies, from some of the channels found in the paid Sling service. Watch as much and as often as you want. But as previously mentioned, you will see ads while you watch, as if you were watching regular cable TV.

Sling Free: How much does it really cost?

Seriously, Sling Free lives up to its name — it's absolutely free, no credit card or registration required. There's no free trial, no promotions, no gimmicks. 

If you're interested in signing up for paid Sling, the Sling Orange and Sling Blue packages cost $30 per month. Read more about Sling packages, channels and pricing here.

Sling Free channels and shows: What can I watch?

Sling Free includes a select number of live channels and dozens of on-demand options. The free TV shows are mostly older titles and reality TV standbys that are generally found on other free streaming services, like Hell's Kitchen, Forensic Files, Roseanne, Unsolved Mysteries, 3rd Rock From the Sun and 21 Jump Street. 

The selection of free movies isn't terribly exciting. Don't expect any recent hits or even past blockbusters. When we browsed, we found titles including Labor Pains, Crocodile, Freeway, Jigsaw and The Illusionist. 

Sling Free offers quite a bit of free live news programming, including Good Morning America and Anderson Cooper 360. And families can tune into free kids content like Teen Titans Go, LEGO Ninjago and Transformers Prime.

How to watch Sling Free

Sling Free is available on the Sling website or via the app on Roku, Amazon Fire TV,  Android TV and Android mobile devices.

On the website, click "Watch Free Now" to begin browsing the Sling Free library.

On the app, select "select Explore Free Shows."

And no, Sling Free is not currently accessible on the iOS mobile app or Apple TV. But the company says it hopes to add the Sling Free experience to more devices in the coming months.

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