Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 4 just got a killer app for the cover display

galaxy z flip 4 in pink
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If you thought the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 4's outer "Cover Display" is cool but could do more, then take a look at the newly updated CoverScreen OS app by jagan2, which gives it so many more abilities.

Although the outside display's only 1.9 inches across, CoverScreen OS will let you browse and use apps in a miniaturized form, all without opening the Z Flip up. This app was originally made for the Galaxy Z Flip 3, but the latest version is now compatible with Samsung's newest Galaxy Z Flip as well as last year's model.

An image of a Galaxy Z Flip 3 running the CoverScreen OS app, showing the app browser

(Image credit: jagan2)

You still get the regular cover screen clock, but tapping it then opens up a menu of your available apps, widgets and quick settings. 

Naturally, not every app is going to work brilliantly on such a small panel, but the fact you can try at all is a far cry from the limited default abilities of the display. Plus there are more tailored abilities like a caller ID screen for answering calls, a unique media player widget and an Edge Lighting option for notifications. 

An image of a Galaxy Z Flip 3 running the CoverScreen OS app, showing the Edge Lighting feature

(Image credit: jagan2)

Samsung has given the Galaxy Z Flip 4 more cover display abilities than the Galaxy Z Flip 3, like controlling smart home devices or replying to messages through text-to-speech. As handy as these are though, these still don't match up to CoverScreen OS' abilities.

An image of a Galaxy Z Flip 3 running the CoverScreen OS app, showing the media player widget

(Image credit: jagan2)

If CoverScreen OS sounds interesting to you, all you need to do is download the app from the Google Play Store and enable a few permissions to let the app appear over the regular cover display interface. 

But as we covered back when the app arrived for the Galaxy Z Flip 3, average users may be better off sticking with Samsung's tried and tested cover screen interface rather than risk some unintended issues for your new $1,000 foldable.

The Galaxy Z Flip 4 isn't available to buy just yet, but it will be on Friday, August 26. Take a look at our Galaxy Z Flip 4 review if you need some help making up your mind, and also our Galaxy Z Flip 4 vs. Galaxy Z Flip 3 face-off to figure out how this year's Z Flip improves on the existing model.

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