Samsung Galaxy S23’s hidden gaming feature could prevent overheating on older phones

Samsung Galaxy S23 lineup
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Last week we heard about a hidden Samsung Galaxy S23 feature designed to stop it from overheating during intense gaming sessions. Now YouTuber NL Tech, who originally broke the news of the feature's existence, claims it will be coming to other Galaxy phones, including the Galaxy S22 Ultra, Galaxy Z Fold 4 and even the Galaxy A73.

The feature in question is called “Pause USB Power Delivery” and can be found in Samsung’s Game Booster menu. Activating the feature essentially cuts out the battery, stopping it from recharging and allowing the phone to draw its power directly from the charger — provided it’s a USB-Power Delivery charger. Cutting out the battery in this way reduces the amount of heat produced by mobile gaming, and helps preserve the long term battery health in the process.

While this feature was never officially announced by Samsung, it seems we might be getting a much wider rollout than we initially assumed. However, that lack of an announcement and any official word from Samsung means we have no idea how this rollout is actually going to progress.

NL Tech claims that the feature is already in Samsung phones — you just need to know how to unlock it. The Game Booster app needs to be updated to the latest version (, you have to have fast charging enabled in the battery settings, and make use of a USB-PD charger.

Once you have those three things, you need to launch a game via the Samsung Game Launcher, then head into the Game Booster menu. You should find the Pause USB Power Delivery option, which can be toggled on and off when you’re connected to a USB-PD charger.

The fact NL Tech got the feature running on a Galaxy A73 means it likely isn’t exclusive to the flagship models. The YouTuber also claims that he got it running on the Galaxy S23 series, the Galaxy Z Fold 4, Galaxy S22 Ultra.

SamMobile’s Asif Iqbal Shaik wasn’t able to get it working on the Galaxy S21 Ultra. However, they claim that users have noted that Pause USB Power Delivery has appeared on the Galaxy Z Fold 2 and Galaxy Z Fold 3, and others only spotted it after using Samsung’s official 45W USB-PD Charger.

So while the Samsung Galaxy S23 is still in the pre-order stage, and isn’t due to release until this Friday (February 17), Samsung owners across the world can see if their devices are capable of using Pause USB Power Delivery. Provided, of course, that they have the latest version of the Game Launcher app, and the right kind of charger.

However, we’ll just have to see whether it’s available on the Galaxy S23 series out of the box. Though why Samsung can’t just tell us what the deal is, especially if the feature is as widespread as it appears to be, is a question we still don’t have the answer to.

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