Samsung Galaxy S22 FE — early rumors and what we want to see

Samsung galaxy s21 fe review
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The Galaxy S21 FE came out in January 2022, but you can bet that Samsung is already working on the successor — if there is one. We would expect that the Galaxy S22 FE won't arrive until later this year or early next year, though we've already heard some rumors about what Samsung could be working on (and other rumors that suggest the FE may not see a successor)

Even if the Galaxy S22 FE isn't appearing any time soon, there are several things we hope Samsung fixes with that release. The Galaxy S21 FE was far from perfect and, in light of the $799 Galaxy S22 debuting in February, somewhat obsolete a month after it came out. Next to the S22, which is only $100 more, the S21 FE is a bit of an odd duck.

Now that Galaxy A53 has arrived, undercutting the S21 FE's price by $250, the Galaxy S21 FE is in an even weirder spot. So the pressure will be on the Galaxy S22 FE to get everything right, assuming that Samsung doesn't throw in the towel on a phone that may have run its course.

We've collected everything we've heard about the Galaxy S22 FE. Here's what we think the Galaxy S22 FE will be should Samsung continue plans to produce this phone.

Samsung Galaxy S22 FE recent news (updated June 17)

Samsung Galaxy S22 FE: Possible release date

There's no hint as to when the Galaxy S22 FE, and Samsung's track record with this particular phone doesn't provide much guidance. The initial release, the Galaxy S20 FE came out in October 2020 — roughly six months after the rest of the Galaxy S20 lineup. The Galaxy S21 FE didn't arrive until January 22, nearly a year after the Galaxy S21 phones and just before the Galaxy S22 launch.

We assume the S21 FE shipped when it did due to supply chain and other delays that won't necessarily crop up again this year. It certainly makes sense for Samsung to space out the release of its flagship phones and subsequent FE models, so we'd guess that the October launch window is close to Samsung's preferred timing for the Galaxy S22 FE. Until we hear more from the rumor mill, though, we'd just be guessing about a release date.

And it's possible, that the Galaxy S22 FE may not ship at all. That's what Sammobile claims, with multiple sources telling the site that Samsung is scrapping the phone. Abandoning the Galaxy S22 FE would make sense to us, given that it's being squeezed on both sides by Samsung's flagships and the impressive midrange Galaxy A phones.

Ross Young tweets on Galaxy S22 FE

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Ross Young, who follows the smartphone industry in his role as CEO of Display Supply Chain Consultants, has subsequently confirmed that the Galaxy S22 FE is a no-go.

Samsung Galaxy S22 FE: Potential price

Let's assume for now that there will be a Galaxy S22 FE. If so, the price will be easy to predict as the Galaxy S20 FE and Galaxy S21 FE both debuted at $699.

That was great news for the S20 FE, as its $699 price was $300 less than the debut price of the cheapest S20 model. But with Samsung dropping starting prices on the Galaxy S21 in 2021 by $200 for each model, that cut into the price difference between the flagship phone and the Galaxy S21 FE — so much that you could argue the Galaxy S22 that came right after the lower-priced S21 FE was a better value.

Samsung Galaxy S22 FE: Specs

Samsung galaxy s21 fe review

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A rumor from leaker It's Fat Water says that Samsung is testing a MediaTek Dimensity 9000 chip in the Galaxy S22 FE. The name MediaTek usually raises red flags, especially for low end chips. This would also create a strange separation between the Galaxy S22 FE and the Galaxy S22 (which uses the Snapdragon 8 Gen 1). One of the FE line's selling points is its relative parity to the more expensive phone it's based on.

The rumor also says that this phone will have a 4,500 mAh battery, which is the same size as the Galaxy S20 FE and Galaxy S21 FE. However, It's Fat Water hedges their bets and says that this device could be the Galaxy A53 Pro, which is also not confirmed.

Samsung Galaxy S22 FE: What we want to see

Samsung galaxy s21 fe review

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While we liked the Galaxy S21 FE overall, there are some things we'd like to see addressed in any successor. Hopefully, these items are among Samsung's plans for the Galaxy S22 FE — again, if that phone actually sees the light of day.

Here's what we want the Galaxy S22 FE to have.

Better battery life: Samsung seems to be struggling with battery life on its flagships lately. The Galaxy S21 FE didn't even last 8 hours in our battery test in its 120Hz mode. That's not good at all. We want to see the Galaxy S22 FE go for much longer.

Adaptive refresh rate: The Galaxy S21 FE's display supports a 120Hz refresh rate, but you have to lock it there. The S21 FE does not enjoy the Galaxy S21's or Galaxy S22's adaptive refresh rate. We want to see Samsung address this for the Galaxy S22 FE.

Same 108MP camera as Galaxy A73: Samsung quietly announced the Galaxy A73, which leads its new midrange smartphone lineup. The most interesting thing about that it is that the phone sports a 108MP main camera. The Galaxy S21 FE uses a 12MP sensor. We'd like to see the Galaxy S22 FE get a 108MP camera.

Wider price gap: The Galaxy S21 FE is $100 less than the Galaxy S22 with the latter being a better phone in every regard: newer processor, more RAM, better cameras, adaptive refresh rate, and marginally better battery life. For an extra $100, you simply get a better phone, putting the S21 FE in a weird spot. We'd like there to be a better reason monetarily to buy the Galaxy S22 FE over the Galaxy S22 (or Galaxy S23 when that phone arrives in 2023).

Higher resolution telephoto camera: The Galaxy S21 FE had an 8MP telephoto camera and, simply put, we want to see the Galaxy S22 FE get something higher-res, even 12MP.

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