Samsung Galaxy S21 FE could keep the microSD card slot

Samsung Galaxy S21 FE light green
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The Samsung Galaxy S21 FE, which stands for fan edition, will apparently include features that, as the name suggests, keeps those fans happy.

The latest rumor comes from known insider @FronTron on Twitter, via NotebookCheck. According to Tron, the S21 FE will include a microSD card slot. That may not seem like a big deal, given the Galaxy S20 FE had a microSD slot, too, but that's a feature disappearing from many phones. None of the other Galaxy S21 models feature a microSD slot, for example.

It's not a leak you should necessarily take as gospel, since it comes from one person within the Samsung supply chain, and it hasn't been corroborated by other leakers or insiders. This also contradicts a supposed leak of the Galaxy S21 FE's user manual, which does not mention a microSD card slot. 

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In responding to posts on Twitter, Tron goes out of his way to claim that it's just a rumor he's heard, and not something he can confirm yet — another reason we wouldn't bet the ranch on a Galaxy S21 FE microSD card.

MicroSD slots used to be commonplace on Samsung phones. We note the S20 FE had one, but so did the standard Samsung Galaxy S20, S20 Plus and S20 Ultra that came before it. Since then, though, microSD slots have gradually disappeared from Samsung's phones — besides the S21 lineup, the feature is also AWOL from the Galaxy Note 20. Even Samsung's most recent foldable flagship, the Galaxy Z Fold 3, lacks microSD card support. 

The reasons for the potential removal of the S21 FE's microSD card support could be numerous, but as is the case with the iPhone 12 line, having different SKUs encourages buyers to pay more for greater storage. And considering that S21 sales have been less than stellar for Samsung, by removing microSD card support from the much anticipated and more affordable S21 FE, it could help with its profit margins.

But the FE line has always been about giving fans the most of what they want while cutting out the fluff. This leads to a feature-packed phone, similar to OnePlus phones of yore, minus some gimmicky cutting-edge features that don't subtract from the overall experience significantly. 

Either way, recent rumors suggest that the S21 FE is right around the corner. According to insider Jon Prosser, we could see the S21 FE land on October 29. Production of the phone was also tipped to start this month, so Tron's source is providing information at the right time.

We should see more information hit the internet over the coming month and a half regarding the S21 FE. 

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