Resident Evil 7 could get this Xbox Series X and PS5 upgrade

Resident Evil 7
(Image credit: Capcom)

It looks like Resident Evil Village isn’t the only title Capcom is currently polishing. According to reliable leaker Dusk Golem, the company is also working on an upgrade patch for Resident Evil 7 which will make the survival horror classic all the more intense on Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S and PS5.

Those in doubt should know that, among other things, the leaker is known for revealing the existence of Resident Evil Village before Capcom. And when a leaker with that pedigree says something is “100% happening”, it’s fair to say this is a rumor that should be taken very seriously.

Details are as sparse as you would expect for a single 51-word tweet, though you can assume certain things all the same. For starters, this is referred to as an “update patch” and not a remaster, which suggests fans won’t have to buy the game again. That news suggests that it won’t be too broad in scope, but all the same you can hope for graphical improvements and maybe even fancy ray tracing lighting effects.

You’re unlikely to see improved framerates on the PS5, however. The game already ran at 60fps even on the base PS4 thanks to the included PSVR support, which requires smooth and solid frame rates to avoid uncomfortable motion sickness. 

On the subject of virtual reality, Dusk Golem also addressed the fact that Capcom didn’t mention it when introducing the world to Resident Evil 8. “I know VR was in at some point,” he wrote. “I don’t know the current status,” the leaker continued, highlighting the need for consistent frame rates for a comfortable experience.

Another factor here is probably the fragmented nature of Sony’s virtual reality offerings. Resident Evil 7 came out just four months after PSVR and was an integral (and terrifying) part of pushing early adoption of the hardware. Fast forward four years and we’re in a very different place, with PSVR technically supported on PS5, but only via backwards compatibility mode. That has led to the slightly strange situation where PS5 players can play VR titles like Hitman 3, but only by installing the last-generation version

That may still be the case with Resident Evil 8. There is, after all, a version for PS4 in production. But suffice it to say the imperative to ensure it works at the level required for VR support isn’t half as strong as it was back in 2017; not only is VR no longer new and fresh, but the PS4 is officially last-gen, and there's no indication when the PSVR 2 will arrive.

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