Purple iPhone 12 wallpaper is now available — here’s how to grab it

iPhone 12 purple
(Image credit: Apple)

Apple just introduced a new look for the iPhone 12 in the form of a cheery new color. Starting April 30, the iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 mini will come in a deep purple that stands out from the hues Apple has released in the past.

The only difference with the purple iPhone 12 is the colorway. Otherwise, you’ll get the same A14 processor, OLED screen and dual-camera setup found in other iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 mini models. There is a new purple wallpaper, too, but you don’t necessarily need to opt for the latest iPhone 12 to add that look to your current iPhone 12 model.

9to5Mac has posted a pair of iPhone 12-friendly screens showing off the new iPhone’s purple-influenced look. Right click on either image or long-pressing if youre browsing from your iPhone. That will let you save the images to use as a wallpaper on your phone, even if you don’t wind up buying the new iPhone 12 model.

It’s a pretty eye-catching look Apple has introduced with the purple iPhone 12. The lilac-to-purple ripples make for a striking look, even if you’ve opted for one of the other iPhone 12 colors. (As a refresher, the previous iPhone 12 colors include black, white, mint green, blue and a [Project] Red version.

Pre-orders for the purple iPhone 12 start on Friday (April 23) with the phone arriving in stores on April 30. Like the other iPhone 12 models, this version starts at $799 when locked to a carrier. The iPhone 12 mini, which will also add a purple version, starts at $699.

Brittany Vincent

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