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PS5 restock at Sony Direct — how to get yours when it comes back

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Update: The Sony Direct Store has sold out of consoles. Make sure to follow our PS5 restock coverage for the latest inventory updates. 

PS5 consoles have returned to the Sony Direct store. You can enter Sony's virtual queue by clicking on this Sony Direct link. Upon clicking on the link, you'll be taken straight to the online queue. 

Once on the virtual queue, you'll have a wait time before you can purchase the console. Wait times will vary, and there's a good chance you'll have "more than an hour" wait. If that's the case, don't despair. Your status can rapidly change and you may have a shorter wait time than estimated. 

PS5: $499 at Sony Direct
The Sony Direct Store has PS5 restock right now. You'll need to form an online queue for your chance to get the console for $499.View Deal

PS5 Digital: $399 @ Sony Direct

The Sony Direct Store has PS5 Digital restock now. You'll need to form an online queue for your chance to get the console for $399.View Deal

Check PS5 restock at other retailers now

While demand is certainly still outmatching supply, we’re seeing more and more restocks pop up. So there are hints that the disastrous PS5 stock situation is slowly improving. Internet whispers are suggesting that Sony Direct might even have another restock later this week. 

We’re also hearing some rumors that Amazon and Target will have more PS5 stock this week as well. So if you want the latest up-to-date stock information make sure to bookmark our PS5 restock guide

If you need some tips on how to ensure that the next time Sony Direct drops PS5 stock you’ll among the lucky few who manage to beat the bots, then read on. 

How to get the PS5 from Sony Direct when it comes back 

While PS5 stock could drop at any moment, generally Sony Direct has released its stock in the early evening, typically between 5 p.m. and 7 p.m. ET. 

If possible, make sure you’re within easy reach of an internet-connected device between those hours. Though if you're serious about grabbing a PS5 you want to be ready to go around the clock. 

Thankfully unlike most retailers, Sony doesn’t just dump its stock without warning. Sony Direct makes use of a countdown timer giving customers a chance to join a virtual queue before scalpers have made off with all the available PS5s. 

Once the timer reaches zero a select group of people will be chosen and given 10 minutes to make their PS5 purchase. If they fail to do so someone else in the queue will be bumped up and given the opportunity to complete an order. 

Unfortunately, the majority of people won’t get chosen, as there are always significantly more people waiting in the queue than there are consoles allocated. Most people will see the dreaded “more than an hour wait” when the timer expires. 

If you are lucky enough to get the opportunity to buy then you need to be fast. Make sure you have an active PSN account already setup, as you’ll need one to buy from Sony Direct. And have all your required payment details on hand so you can enter them without delay.

Both the disc and Digital Editon PS5 consoles are listed on Sony Direct at their MSRP of $499 and $399 respectively. 

It’s a stressful business trying to get hold of PS5 right now, but with our guide on how to buy a PS5 it’ll be a little easier. In the meantime check out our long-term thoughts on the PS5 DualSense controller