PS5 Pro controller could be coming soon — here’s what it’ll include

PS5 DualSense controller
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A reliable leaker has claimed that Sony is currently working on an official PS5 Pro controller, which could be revealed “soon.” 

This report comes from a fairly credible source in the form of Tom Henderson (writing for Try Hard Guides), who indicates that the PS5 Pro controller is real and that he’s seen prototype images of the premium pad, but is unable to share them at this time.  

According to Henderson the deluxe controller will keep the same basic shape as the standard PS5 DualSense controller but will add several new features. These include “removable analog sticks, trigger stops and rear buttons.” Henderson refers to the latter as “flappy paddles,” which presumably means they will look, and function, very similar to the back paddles on the Xbox Elite Wireless Controller

Henderson’s source claims the Pro controller's “removable stick units” will allow owners to replace the analog sticks for ones of a different shape or texture, or they could even be swapped out in the event of stick drift. The controller will also pack some form of grips, which are also said to be removable. 

The same source suggests the controller should be officially announced “soon," and they also claimed that Sony has multiple pieces of hardware to showcase towards the end of the month. Although Henderson is quick to quash any rumors of a PS5 Pro console, indicating that Sony won’t be unveiling a new console in the near future. 

While the PS5 Pro controller remains very much a rumor at this point, it would certainly make sense for Sony to release such an accessory. Microsoft has offered the Xbox Elite Controller since 2015, which was then given a Series 2 refresh in 2019. While expensive the Xbox Elite is generally seen as the gold standard of console controllers, and it’s easy to see why Sony would want to produce a competing product. 

In the interim third-party companies such as SCUF and NACON have produced officially-licensed Pro controllers for the PS4 and PS5, but gamers have long clamored for an official Sony option. It appears that after several years of waiting, they may finally get their wish very soon. 

Rory Mellon
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