PS5 price leaks again on Amazon — and it's better than expected

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With the PS5 now fully revealed, gamers are keen to know how much they can buy it for. We might have the answer to the question thanks to a brief leak from a local Amazon site.

Leaker and concept designer Ben Geskin shared images of the PS5's store page on Amazon France. These images put the prices at €499 for the standard PS5 and €399 for the Digital Edition, which converts to $565/£447 and $452/£358 respectively. The store page for the PS5 currently lists the price information as "currently unavailable," but we still have Geskin's screenshots to go by.

For comparison, one analyst believes the Xbox Series X will start at $399. While the starting price of the PS5 is $50 more than this estimate, and $150 more than what the basic PS4 cost at launch, this isn't all that bad. President of Sony Interactive Entertainment Jim Ryan said in a recent interview that he would "emphasize value as opposed to price" when it comes to the sticker price of the PS5.

When the previous generation started, the PS4 was $100 cheaper than the Xbox One and made a lot of extra sales because of it. The price difference this time around may be because of Sony's custom SSD and 3D audio hardware, the former being widely praised by developers for removing barriers when it comes to rapidly loading game environments.

The Xbox Series X is believed to be the cheaper console of this generation, but we've yet to get a reliable leaked price for the new Microsoft machine, let alone an official announcement. What is official is that it packs more graphical potential than the PS5, offering 12 teraflops of compute power compared to the Sony machine's 10.28 teraflops. However, how that translates into real-world performance has yet to be seen. 

Both the PS5 and Xbox Series X are seeing lots of announcements this summer, in the place of what would have been E3 2020. Sony just put on a massive PS5 games event where we saw titles such as Spider-Man: Miles Morales and Horizon: Zero West, and Microsoft is set to answer back next month with a July exclusives showcase.

While there are some details still to arrive, such as official pricing, additional technical details and some of the launch lineup reveal, both consoles are set to arrive in time for the holiday season.

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