Nvidia just gave iPhone users a way to play Fortnite for free — just in time for Obi-Wan

Fortnite on iPhone
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You can now get Fortnite on your phone for free. The game is now easier to access on your iPhone and also your Android phone thanks to Nvidia’s GeForce Now cloud gaming service.

Nvidia is rolling out support for the hit game with full touchscreen support. It is great timing as well since Obi-Wan is coming to Fortnite just next week.

Nvidia’s GeForce Now means we now have another way around Epic Games’ legal battle with Apple to access the game for free. Epic’s skirmish with iOS had led to Apple removing the app from the App Store for good. Epic’s feud with Android also meant the game was not available to download through the Play Store, and could only be sideloaded. 

Microsoft’s XBox Game Pass recently did allow iOS and Android users to finally start playing Fortnite again through the cloud gaming service via the iPhone's browser or through the Xbox GamePass app on Android. 

Now, Nvidia GeForce does a similar workaround, and the game can be accessed on Safari on iOS and through the GeForce Now app for Android users. Accessing it is pretty straightforward — you just need to sign up for GeForce Now and link your Epic Games account and start playing. There is no waitlist required. Moreover, it is completely free even though it is streamed through the cloud. GeForce Now has a free tier that supports gameplay sessions up to one hour at a time. For 6-hour sessions you will have to opt for the priority tier, which is $10/month. 

Nvidia announced a closed beta of Fortnite with full touch controls earlier this year. Nvidia says a whopping 500,000 people streamed over 4 million sessions of Fortnite through the service. Thanks to the testing, Nvidia claims it has been able to optimize the “on-screen touch controls and game menus.”

Obi-Wan character on Fortnite standing with folded arms

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Great timing — Obi-Wan Kenobi is coming to Fortnite next week 

Fornite has given us another reason to get us playing — Obi-Wan is coming to the game as soon as next week. Epic has just announced that we will be able to see Mr. Kenobi — the latest Star Wars character in the battle royale.

On May 26, one day before the new show Obi-Wan Kenobi debuts on Disney Plus, gamers will be able to see the Jedi Knight himself in the game’s item shop. There will also be a bundle that includes a Jedi Interceptor glider and a pickaxe blade (unfortunately, we will not get to see a lightsaber.) Now that Obi-Wan has his own show this seems like a good next step to get fans excited. 

We hope we will get to see more Fortnite and Star Wars crossovers. Characters like the Mandalorian have been great additions to Fortnite in the past. Now that Fortnite is accessible with full touch controls on our phones for free, Nvidia GeForce Now is definitely worth considering.

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