Nintendo Switch 2 could be unveiled by March — and get a must-play exclusive

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The last few months have seen a tidal wave of Nintendo Switch 2 rumors surface online, and it appears the rumor mill isn't slowing down as we enter 2024. The latest leak suggests that Nintendo will unveil its new hardware by the end of March. 

A leaker known as Nash Weedle has taken to X (formerly Twitter) with news that Nintendo will announce the (currently unconfirmed) Switch 2 console in the spring. 

Previous rumors have suggested that Nintendo’s next-gen console will launch in the second half of the year, so an announcement around March would be logical if the console is indeed set to launch within the next 12 months. 

The first generation Nintendo Switch was announced in October 2016 and then released in early March 2017. A similar gap between the Switch 2’s hypothetical announcement by the end of March and its release would see the device launch in August or September, which certainly feels plausible. Although, it should be noted this is all mere speculation for now.   

Bayonetta could be heading to Switch 2 

In the same post, NWeedle also claims that the Nintendo Switch 2 will receive a remastered port of the Bayonetta Trilogy. 

As the name would imply, this package would include all three mainline games in the popular action franchise with visual and performance enhancements including HDR features taking full advantage of the Switch 2’s upgraded internal components. 

The Bayonetta started life as a multi-platform series before becoming synonymous with Nintendo. Bayonetta 2 was launched exclusively for Nintendo Wii U in 2014 and then ported to the Switch in 2018. While Bayonetta 3 arrived as a Switch exclusive in 2022, and we currently rank it as one of the best Nintendo Switch games. A Switch 2 collection that brings together all three games with visual enhancements would be welcome. 

These latest Switch 2 rumors are exciting, but it’s important to remember that for now, they are just that, rumors. We’re eagerly awaiting any form of official word from Nintendo about its next system, and hopefully, 2024 is finally the year when we find out what the legendary video game company has been cooking. Watch this space…

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