Netflix's The Ice Road trailer teases a cool summer blockbuster and an angry Liam Neeson

The Ice Road Liam Neeson
(Image credit: VVS Films)

Liam Neeson is workshopping his next badass catchphrase in the new trailer for the upcoming The Ice Road. No longer waxing lyrical about his skillset, Mike the ice road trucker is a simple man who gets straight to the point: "This is personal. Now I'm angry."

It's a high-stakes tale as old as time. A diamond mine collapses in the frozen wilds of northern Canada, and a crack team of ice road truckers assemble to traverse the icy tundra, with their already perilous journey made even more complicated when it turns into a full-blown action movie thanks to some serious sabotage. 

So thank goodness for evil corporations — without them we'd just be watching Liam Neeson and Laurence Fishburne sitting in a truck cab for a couple hours. 

The Ice Road is setting itself up to be a pretty big deal, what with Netflix forking over $18 million for distribution rights in the US — a record-breaking amount that quickly saw off the competition, according to the original Deadline report. 

What's more, Jonathan Hensleigh is at the helm as writer and director of the film. You've almost certainly watched some of his past movies, including Die Hard With A Vengeance and Armageddon. If there's an action-packed blockbuster-scale disaster happening, Hensleigh is nearby. 

The Ice Road is set to hit Netflix on June 25 in the U.S., with the run time to be confirmed. There's no word on the film's release in other territories yet, but hopefully international audiences won't be waiting too long. 

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